Democrats Debate


I’m not a team player. I’m not a Democrat. Their greatest virtue is that they’re obstacles preventing Republicans from taking this country backwards.

I had several angles I could have gone with for my cartoon on the Democratic Debate. I could have gone with Sanders slapping down talking about Hillary Clinton’s email. Or I could have gone with Sanders providing his definition of a Democratic Socialist, which was very interesting. But I think the biggest take away from the debate was the stark contrast between it and the four Republican debates held so far.

The two debates for the low-polling Republicans were often referred as the “kids’ table.” Compared to the Democrats, all four GOP debates were the kid’s table.

The Democrats talked about issues. Actual issues. They talked about the threat of Climate Change, guns, foreign policy, race relations, domestic financial policy, and the business of running government. The GOP held four events focused on racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, hatred, xenophobia, denials of science and personal insults. I was watching Fox News afterward to get their take and they were bored. Sean Hannity referred to it as a snoozefest.

While I didn’t agree with John McCain or Mitt Romney on most issues, I couldn’t deny there were serious candidates. They were qualified for the presidency and were presidential with their campaigns (despite Sarah Palin being a part of one of them).

Sometimes, I wonder if the Republicans aren’t serious yet and right now they just want to be entertained. Their top three candidates are not serious nor are they presidential. Their top guy, Trump, is a reality show maven. He’s not a great businessman. He’s a great marketer. There’s a difference. Their number two guy, Ben Carson, doesn’t understand history, science or even how the debt ceiling works. Their third candidate, Fiorina, biggest qualification is that she’s a failed CEO. Anyone who believes any of these three candidates is presidential doesn’t have the mental capabilities to understand the Democratic Debate.

Republicans like to point out they have a deep bench. It’s an argument of quantity over quality. It’s a deep bench of lower tier candidates. If they had a genuinely formidable candidate they too, like the Democratic Party, would only have four or five candidates.

Here’s a contrast for you between the parties: While the Democrats were talking policy and real issues, GOP candidate Mike Huckabee sent out a racist tweet about Asians eating dogs. That really sums up the differences between the parties.

Other take aways from the debate: Bernie Sanders won. He didn’t introduce himself as much as he introduced what he stands for. That was a success. His only weakness came for his support of the NRA. His defense is that he’s from a rural state. He’s not running for the presidency of a rural state.

Sanders winning the debate will actually help Hillary win the nomination. She’s still in the lead and probably too far ahead for Sanders to catch. Hillary was confidant and didn’t hurt herself. She may have even helped herself. Most voters don’t think Clinton is trustworthy. That’s not gonna be important. Her husband, Bill Clinton, was nicknamed “Slick Willy.” Nobody ever had the delusion Richard Nixon was an honest person. Nixon and Bill Clinton both won the presidency twice despite those red flags.

Martin O’Malley helped himself, but not enough. He might score a cabinet position.

Jim Webb was out of place. The candidates were asked which special interest hated them the most. Hillary said Republicans. Sanders said Wall Street. Jim Webb said the guy who lobbed a grenade at him during his tour of duty in the Vietnam War. Webb is the only veteran running for president and his service is commendable. But when given the opportunity to name a special interest you fought again, you should probably be able to name one.

If it’s possible for Lincoln Chafee to bury himself deeper, that’s exactly what he did. When asked about voting for Glass-Steagall, he didn’t defend it. He didn’t say he was wrong. His excuse was he was new to the Senate and his father had just died. Admitting you’re wrong, that you made a mistake and you learned from it is a lot better than saying you were confused or you didn’t know what you doing.

The final takeaway is talk of Joe Biden entering the race. They can stop talking about it now. I’m making a not-so-bold prediction and that is Biden is not going to enter the race. I’m glad he’s not. He would make the race much more dramatic and interesting but I’d hate to see him tarnish his legacy. I believe his time has passed and it’s time for him to ride off into the sunset and enjoy being an elder statesman.

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  1. A stark contrast; the Democratic debate showed class. Inasmuch as there were many differences between the candidates, no one felt the necessity for personal attacks either on each other or on American citizens who are fearfully perceived as “different.”

    All were able to cite legislative actions that they did to support the people, as opposed to the GOP who either knew nothing of government, or did nothing to move the country forward.

    As O’Mally said, “glad to be up here with this distinguished panel,” I too was impressed with their statesmanship and ability to focus on the issues.
    . ..

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  2. You are right about everything, except I think Hillary won the debate. Her passionate comments on women’s issues will be forever etched on every progressive woman’s mind and will be remembered at voting time. Lolamarina

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  3. I came to say, “A bookcase? Really?”
    And also to say, Clay, you’re doing good work. Soon as I can I’ll zoom you some dough!

    As to the debate. My favorite parts were the parts when the candidates let it be known that Washington is about politics.

    Yeah, sometimes you vote with the team because you really don’t even know what the bill is about. You show up and they say “Vote for this” and you say “sure” because if you don’t then you’re going to get the key that only works in the sub sub basement men’s room.

    And sometimes you vote pro guns because the state you come from is Ver freaking Mont! Residents need guns to protect their families from marauding moose!

    And you vote for the Patriot Act because you represent NYC right after it was attacked by terrorists. What are you gonna do, say “No!, We don’t want to protect ourselves!” (not that it did or it didn’t, but that voting against would have played out that way.)

    And sometimes you vote against something that sounds good, because someone put a line in that makes “guest workers” de facto slaves!

    And sometimes the vote is so skewed it really doesn’t matter if you voted for or against it anyhow.

    I also liked that, if Jim Webb thinks the Republican party has moved too far to the right for him! That’s a real problem for the Republicans.

    Having said that. I also strongly feel that the Democratic Party Policies are more aligned with veterans than the policies of the Republicans. And that Democrats are every bit as patriotic as Republicans (just with a different set of priorities.)

    Hang in Clay. You’re on your way towards Oliphant, Toles, Auth, Herblock!

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