No Hablo Trumpism


A student asked Jeb! Bush a question in Spanish the other day and Jebby! answered him in Spanish. Immediately Donald Trump attacked Bush and stated he should only speak English in America.

Technically, Mr. Trump, they’re speaking Spanish all over America. They’re speaking it in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile, Belize, Etc. They’re even Speaking Portuguese in Brazil. America is not just the United States even though we like to claim it. Even Canadians are Americans. Perish the thought. This is just a small detail that kind of annoys me. It’s like when a tourist in Hawaii refers to the mainland as “the states.” That’s a good way to piss off a resident of Hawaii. I learned that one the hard way.

What is the point of being bilingual if you can’t use it? Why are we so threatened by another language? Why do we admonish people for being intelligent enough to speak more than one language? Agh, stop being smarter than me!

It’s also arrogant for Europeans to bring a language to a strange land and then insist that only our language be spoken.

If it’s your attitude the language the majority speaks be the only language spoken, will you cling to that argument when Spanish speakers become the majority?

Personally, I think I need to know more Spanish than what I’ve learned off the Taco Bell menu.

I’m convinced Campaign 2016 is making us dumber. I can’t even watch Idiocracy anymore because the comparisons scare me.


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