Candidate Oops


By the way, if you can’t name the three branches of government you probably shouldn’t complain about immigrants anymore….or really talk about anything political.

I had a couple of other Perry ideas last night. I didn’t like them enough and then I stumbled upon my Jim Bob cartoon (posted yesterday), so I drew that.

I came upon this idea after laying still on my bed in a food coma after devouring a plate of Kung Pao Chicken.

The other ideas were instead of Perry 2.0 he was “Perry 2.OOPS.” The other I kinda liked as it had Perry being sworn in for the presidency and having every syllable of the oath of office being read to him by the Chief Justice (I didn’t feel like doing all the lettering required to pull that off). Eh. Sorry I didn’t rough them out on paper. They stayed in my head.

Perry does have one good thing going for him that other candidates lack and that’s name recognition. The bad thing is what everyone associations with his name and that’s “oops.” You would think someone could remember what he accomplished as governor of the second largest state for 12 years other than being under indictment.


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