Let’s Mess With Texas


A whole bunch of people, even the governor, in my birth state of Texas believe that U.S. military exercises there means Obama plans for a federal takeover of the Lone Star State and declare martial law. There are rumors Chinese soldiers are sneaking into the state and holding up in five temporarily closed Wal-Marts.

It must be true. It’s even gotten Chuck Norris riled up and you know what a rational mind that guy has.

Governor Greg Abbott has ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the military exercises known as Jade Helm 15, as though the Texas State Guard could fight the Army and Marines…or would. I have some bad news for Governor Abbott. The federal government took control of Texas in 1845 and again in 1865. He could read a history book. I mean a history book not edited for Texas schools.

Former governor and former forgetful presidential candidate, and future presidential candidate, Rick Perry even ridiculed the paranoia.

How about that, Texas. You’re finally free from a governor dumber than a bag hammers and elected an even dumber one. You know what they say, “everything’s bigger in Texas.” Even the stupid. As a political cartoonist, I do appreciate the gifts in subject material they keep giving me.

Isn’t it bizarre that you can show these people scientific proof of something like Global Warming and they won’t believe. Give them an idea of a conspiracy, without any proof or substance, like Obama is born in Kenya, or he’s a socialist, or he’s taking guns away, or he’s invading Texas and the wing nuts eat it up.

I had this cartoon idea last night but I had to finish up another cartoon first. I thought I might be the first cartoonist to cover it. Now I think I might be one of the last.

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