Billary Nightmares


I wanted to draw a cartoon on Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she’s running for president (surprise!!! Not) before she actually did it.

Republicans’ worst nightmare is a Clinton campaign. Republicans can’t beat Clintons. They spent eight years doing it to Bill and then several more afterward to beat Hillary in the Senate and they couldn’t do it. They can level charge after scandal after drama at them and they still get beaten. Hell, the Clinton’s can’t beat themselves no matter what crisis they create.

Now we may get to see a Clinton beat Bush all over again. If Republicans can’t beat them on the issues then they better find something with more teeth than Benghazi or lost emails.

I would like to see an actual Democratic primary but the Clinton money machine may scare away the competition. Despite the flocking of GOP candidates I expect the majority of them to drop out early when Jeb Bush starts serious fund raising.

I predict Hillary will have a better week as an official candidate than Rand Paul. Not because the media will throw softballs at her (if you think the media isn’t hard on the Clintons then you’re dreaming), but because Hillary has already been in prime time, something Rand Paul and most other Republicans are not ready for.



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