Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, and Santos

I gotta be honest with you. I don’t have much to say about David Crosby. I can’t fake it for you. I respect his influence and musicianship but he wasn’t a big influence on me unless it was through other musicians. I mean, I loved Tom Petty who was into The Byrds, so maybe that’s it.

I was never really into folk rock so I never got into The Byrds although I’m a huge Beatles fan, and the Byrds and the Beatles were two groups influencing each other. I never got into Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young though I do like a few Neil Young tunes. Young was well-regarded in the early 90s Seattle grunge scene and Pearl Jam even toured with him.

But I don’t think David Crosby ever reached me. I don’t hate his music but I don’t listen to it either. I don’t like “Our House” or “Teach Your Children Well.” I kinda wanna gag when I hear those songs. Maybe I do hate his music.

So instead of drawing a memorial cartoon on David Crosby (or tracing a caricature of him like so many did yesterday), I drew something funny that made me laugh.

If George Santos was to sing “Our House,” it’d be something like, “Our House, is a very very very fine Republican House majority that’s full of goons and liars, la la la la.”

Each day brings a new revelation, lie, or something else horrifying about George Santos. Did you hear about him creating a GoFundMe to save the life of a homeless veteran’s sick dog? It raised over $3,000 but instead of giving the money to save the dog, Santos kept it for himself. Yeah, nice guy.

There’s another revelation that while in Brazil, George Santos was a drag queen. He’s come out vehemently against this one saying it’s not true but really….it’s probably the least objectionable thing about the guy. I mean, despite being openly gay, he must fear that being a drag queen will lose the support of the Republicans who are still defending him. But quite frankly, who cares? It’s more interesting that he denies ever being a drag queen than him being a drag queen. Just work it, George.

I was talking to a colleague last night when this idea came to me at a late hour. I sent it to him and he said it was hilarious, but he was also on his second glass of wine which he told me to factor in. Another friend of mine said it probably doesn’t work but since it made me laugh, I decided to ignore her (but I still love her). And this morning, proofreader Laura said it’s “perfect.”

But I had already decided to go with it because it made me laugh. If you can make yourself laugh, then you should probably draw it.

Music note: While drawing a cartoon about David Crosby, I listened to the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

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Watch me draw:



  1. Dog killer/ Drag Queen George is a great punchline. He is the new and improved model of useful idiot.
    The self licensed eye doctor was the protype. RP plays the reliable bizarre village idiot/ court jester rolled into one. RP perfectly paired with MM, the ultimate straight man and man behind the curtain.
    KM loves Dog killer/ Drag queen George -an absurd distraction fueling cynicism on government – on both sides.


  2. You need to do a Where’s Santos cartoon and maybe into a book, there are endless places he has been and someone could sell them as NFT’s lol. Cheers


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