Meghan Was Right

Buckingham Palace has been in damage control ever since Harry and Meghan fled to the United States and accusing the royal family of racism. According to the couple, one member of the royal family questioned what color their baby would be. Spoiler alert: It’s baby colored.

The royals are slow to adapt which was evidenced this week when Prince William’s godmother and royal courtier interrogated a Black British charity chief at a palace charity event, asking her repeatedly, “Where are you from?”. The answer, “England,” apparently wasn’t satisfactory.

Susan Hussey was “Number One Head Girl” in Buckingham Palace, serving as “Woman of the Bedchamber” meaning she was the Queen’s right-hand woman. After the Queen’s death, King Charles moved her to work for him as an “honorary” lady and to assist with palace functions. Her new duties included helping smooth the way at events, being nice to guests, and making them feel at home. Fail.

It was at a reception in Buckingham Palance hosted by Queen Consort Camilla for campaigners who are working to end violence against women and girls where Lady Susan messed up. This was an event to stop abuse againts women, and Lady Susan abused one of the guest, Ngozi Fulani, a Black Briton and the chief executive of the domestic-abuse charity Sistah Space.

Fulani told BBC Radio, “It was like an interrogation. I guess the only way I can explain it, she’s determined: ‘Where are you from? Where are your people from?'” This can also be interpreted as “what are you doing here?”. In the deep American south, it means “you don’t belong here, boy.”

Fulani also said, “I have to really question how this can happen in a space that’s supposed to protect women against all kinds of violence. Although it’s not physical violence, it is an abuse.”

The palace issued a statement saying that “the individual concerned would like to express her profound apologies for the hurt caused and has stepped aside from her honorary role with immediate effect.”

Many people are saying this is common old-people type racism as Hussey is in her 80s. They excuse it as something harmless, no harm was intended, and they just don’t know better because the perpetrator is from another age, like during the period when Chinese immigrants were building American railroads or some shit like that.

But that in itself is ageism and Fulani points that out, saying, “Let us be clear what this is… I’ve heard so many suggestions it’s about her age and stuff like that, and I think that’s kind of a disrespect… an ageism kind of thing.” Fulani sounds smarter than most people to me.

There are plenty of older people who don’t look at a person of another race and ask, “But where are you really from?”. You can be old and woke. And that’s part of being woke, not going around being a racist fuck to people. Someone tell Ron DeSantis, who says, “Florida is where woke goes to die.”

Whenever you think “where is that person really from?” when you see someone of a different race, spoiler alert: that person is probably from the same place you’re from, that being the nation you’re standing in. Where are you really from? If a non-white person born and raised in the USA isn’t “really” from here, then neither am I, and that means I’m “really” from where Lady Susan was asking racist questions. And sure, the United Kingdom is probably whiter than Idaho, but Lady Hussey shouldn’t act so surprised at seeing a non-white person.

I think the best thing to do in cases where you don’t know another person’s ancestry or heritage is not to worry about it. Treat them as if they’re a fellow human being; spoiler alert: because they are.

And before Meghan married Harry, was the royal family the last family on this planet to be a mixed-race family? Did Lady Susan prove that racism is a part of palace culture? I think there’s racism in the palace, and they don’t know it. Hell, David Duke and Donald Trump don’t think they’re racist. Spoiler alert: they’re soooooooooooooooo fucking racist.

In my family, we don’t ask what color a baby is going to be. We only ask how crazy that thing’s going to turn out. Spoiler alert: we’re all crazy.

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    #RacistRoyalFamily … and then this happened: “It was at a reception in Bucking Palance hosted by Queen Consort Camilla for campaigners who are working to end violence against women and girls where Lady Susan messed up. This was an event to stop abuse againts women, and Lady Susan abused one of the guest, Ngozi Fulani, a Black Briton and the chief executive of the domestic-abuse charity Sistah Space.”

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  2. ‘Susan Hussey was “Number One Head Girl” in Buckingham Palace,’

    If that’s a real title, it’s a sure giveaway of the attitude in the place. I think 80 is a bit long in the tooth to be called a “girl”.

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  3. Is it Fulani or Feloni as you have down further? Sorry if I ADD’d and missed something 

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    1. Sorry, Grammerly isn’t working for me today and I’m multitasking. Also, I’m gonna ask again…if you see an error, please email it to me and NOT point it out in the comments. You’re not gonna get cool points for it.

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  4. I took Spelchek off my computer/tablet/phone. Yup, my writing is atrocious, cuz I don’t catch all the typos. But I can say this: it is me making the typos, not some stupid program that doesn’t know how to spell certain words correctly, or it does not understand what I want it to say.
    On Spelchek’s side, it has made some hilarious and truth-telling mistakes. Too bad I cannot remember any at this moment.
    As for the British royals, no one is supposed to question them, they are the top of the garbage heap. It is time they are made to abide by the same common courtesies as everyone else.


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