Putin Play

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I already wrote a blog on this subject, so if you want another, I suggest your click the link above to my editor’s column in the newsletter.

But in case you’re wondering, yes. When I draw a cartoon like this, I stare at my canvas wondering what other classic toys I can/should add. It starts with Mr. Potato Head, Gumby, and Slinky Dog but after that, I start struggling. I don’t know how the rest comes to me. It just does. There is a lot of googling for images after I’ve decided on one. I have a lot of windows open when drawing a cartoon like this. I have to keep the window for each toy open until after it’s colored.

I did a cartoon similar to this about five years ago but I didn’t want to repeat myself, so most of the toys are different except for the first three I mentioned. This was fun to draw and when I sent it to my editor, I had my fingers crossed he’d pick it.

When he called me, he referred to this one as the Mr. Potato Head idea because there wasn’t a lot of other stuff in the rough. He said let’s go with this one, but that he also liked another. I was like, “no, no, no….Mr. Potato Head. We gotta do Mr. Potato Head. Please!!!!!” I’m glad we did.

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  1. It was fun to ID all the toys. It’s too bad it isn’t just toddlers with toys instead of grownups with deadly weapons in real life.


  2. I know Clay doesn’t take ideas for cartoons from readers but I read something which I think is promising: Trump blinking like Jeanie from the ‘I Dream of Jeannie” tv show to declassify docs.


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