Roughs, Volume 147

I only drew four roughs last week, but I decided to clear five other cartoons out of my Maybe folder. You’re going to yell at me for not doing a couple of these but time got away from them.

This is from the Maybe folder where it’s been hanging around for over a year. In fact, it was placed in the Maybe folder before I got my iPad in June 2021. I drew this after a mass shooting and thought I’d save it for the next mass shooting because there’s always a next mass shooting. But I did something else with each mass shooting. I could continue to hang onto it for a future mass shooting because there’s always a future mass shooting, but I want to move on now.

This is the rough that became the cartoon for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. I would have drawn this for my newspaper clients if they hadn’t selected it.

This was the first version. Yes, I like the second version better too.

I liked this as I found the “no pictures” part of the story of what Trump was doing on January 6 during his white nationalist insurrection very interesting. But I thought there would be other cartoons, while not being exactly like this, too similar. I did something else I liked better.

I really liked this one and drew the official version last weekend. CNN had selected the bleach cartoon while I was roughing this one out. I think a lot of clients are happy CNN didn’t take it because they used it.

This is another from the Maybe folder where it’s been sitting since November. It’s one I like very much but didn’t love. But I thought I might draw it up one day. It’s time to move on.

This is from several months ago and it has come close to becoming an official cartoon several times. Now I think it’s time to move on.

Also from the Maybe folder and a little similar to the last one.

This has been sitting in the Maybe folder since the “Let’s Go, Brandon” bullshit started. I forget how long that’s been, but it’s been a while. I showed this to my padawan, Alexandra, a few months ago, and even though she’s quite young, she knew the reference. She was all over me to do this. I was like, “eh.” I loved it but I thought “Let’s go, Brandon” was over as a news issue, and drawing it now would just be trolling. So, I kept it in the folder just in case it came back. I almost drew it a month ago when a bunch of old MAGATs started screaming at me on a bus for wearing a face mask, with one of them giving me a “Let’s go, Brandon.” That’s the only time, so far, I’ve gotten a “Let’s go, Brandon” in the real world.

So now it’ll never become a real cartoon and that makes me a little sad because “Squak, I’m a lumberjack” still kills me.

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