RFK Winning Entree

I promised a few friends and cartooning colleagues I would get around to creating a post of my RFK award-winning entry. I still feel weird saying that.

Each editorial cartoon contest requires a certain number of cartoons in an entree. The Pulitzer, Herblock, and RFK each require 15 cartoons. All the rest require less. It’s extremely difficult to select 15, or fewer, of your best from over 300 cartoons.

The RFK is special. While most of the other contests want your best, the RFK wants your best on a specific subject, human rights. I love that about this organization as human rights is my main focus. Some of these cartoons got me suspended on various social media platforms. Here are the “award-winning” cartoons.

I can’t thank the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization enough. I’m now on the list with the likes of Don Wright, Mike Peters, Paul Conrad, Clay Bennett, Mike Luckovich, Matt Davies, Doug Marlette, Signe Wilkinson, Dan Perkins, Jen Sorenson, Mark Fiore, Jack Ohman, David Horsey, Darrin Bell, Mike Thompson, Stephanie McMillan, J.D. Crowe (last year’s winner), and Herblock. Whoa. I came into this business looking up to these people. I still do. I was told the name of a couple of cartoonists who were in the running with me this year and they’re also people I greatly admire. So again, whoa.

This award means the world to me. It only took me 32 years to win a national award. I also want to thank everyone who’s ever supported me for helping me get here. From colleagues in Mississippi, Honolulu, and Virginia, to publications in other locations that have commissioned cartoons from me, to CNN, to everyone at GoComics, to all my newspaper clients, to people who comment, like, and share on social media, to everyone who’s contributed financially, bought a print, or a book, to everyone who views and comments here, to the family members who still talk to me (even my older MAGA sister who told me I “wasted my talent”), and even to those who’ve criticized, thank you. I hope you know how much your support has meant to me.

It’s so rewarding knowing my insane crazy style of weirdness has finally been validated.

You rock.



  1. Congratulations, Clay. Well deserved!!!

    Charlie -” That I can read and be happy while I am reading, is a great blessing.” — Anthony Trollope

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