Republican Groomers

“Groomer” is not just the latest buzzword for Republicans. It’s a vile hateful attack engineered to spread propaganda and hate and to disarm anyone who disagrees with them. If you’re incapable of defending your position on an issue, then the easiest response is to hurl a ridiculous lying accusation at your political opponent, like accusing them of being pedophiles.

When you hear people talk about how divisive we are as a nation and how politics have devolved, this is it. One party is accusing its opponents of being pedophiles simply for the sin of opposing their policies. The policies being opposed here are hate policies, specifically the “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida.

Qanon espouses a conspiracy theory that Democrats secretly run a blood-drinking pedophilia cult worshipping Satan. The birth of Qanon was “Pizzagate,” the conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton and other deep-state Democrats were trafficking children into sex slavery from the basement of a pizza parlor in Washington, DC. There was no human trafficking in the pizza shop. They didn’t even have a basement. And forget about there being a deep-state pizza as I don’t think the place even dealt with deep-dish. But, the conspiracy, which was created from the Russian hacks of the 2016 Clinton Campaign, helped create Qanon. It proved to be dangerous too as a right-wing goon drove to DC from North Carolina and shot a gun into the pizza parlor.

Remember when Republicans spread lies that Planned Parenthood was selling baby body parts and then a lunatic with an assault rifle killed several at a PP clinic in Colorado Springs? Do Republicans not learn that their bullshit kills people or do they just not care?

Qanon is still all about this deep-state Satanic pedophile conspiracy, and despite it having been proven false and dangerous in the past, Republicans are now embracing it. Republicans will use whatever sells and what sells to their base is hate.

Senator Josh Hawley and other Republicans accused then-SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson of being soft on pedophiles with her sentencing as a trial judge. Naturally, this was a lie. Feeding into this pedophile theme, Republicans are accusing Democrats and even corporations that are mildly pro-LGBTQ of being “groomers.”

A “Groomer” is an adult who builds a relationship with a child to have sex with. Yes, that’s disgusting. Republicans are now intent on owning the word and definition and probably won’t feel the task is accomplished until the person who does your dog’s hair has to change the job title. How about “dog stylist?”

The party that hates to be accused of racism when they’re being racist is accusing people who disagree with them of being pedophiles. This is being picked up by Fox News. I’ve seen a couple of conservative cartoons on it as well. There is no consideration of the position being given by Democrats and liberals by the GOP. If they disagree with a new hate bill, then they’re pedophiles. Oddly enough, this is coming from people like Marjorie Taylor Greene who’s in the same Look-At-Me-I’m-Stupid Caucus as accused sex trafficker Matt Gaetz. Has Greene made any public or private inquiries into the accusations that her hate buddy is a pedophile? No.

According to Republicans, if you believe everyone should be treated equally with dignity and not be demonized, then you’re a pedophile.

The real irony is that the people so concerned about children hearing the word “gay” in school, or about trans swimmers, or how a Supreme Court Justice defines “woman,” aren’t even human.

The anti-pedo Republicans don’t care about pedophilia any more than as “pro-lifers,” they care about babies. They just care about controlling people. This is less about children and more about liquidating your political enemies. The Republican agenda is a hate agenda. Republican candidates appeal to their base by assuring them they hate the same people. I guarantee this is going to get worse. They’re building a narrative.

I saw a local news story on Facebook today about a man charged with a sex crime with a minor. I read the comments just to see if someone brought politics into it, and there it was. An accusation the man was sent by Joe and Hunter Biden. I searched the hashtag “groomer” on Truth Social yesterday and found over 300 posts about Democratic pedophiles. The theme is that anyone who talks to a child about sex in any manner is a pedophile…oh, and if you take your kids to Disneyland, they’re going to be raped by Goofy. Gawrsh.

Last Friday, Tucker Carlson said on his show that men should “go in and thrash the teacher” for allegedly teaching “sex values.” So now, Republicans have received word from the top it’s OK to start gay-bashing…physically. Last year, teachers were being threatened for teaching Critical Race Theory when they weren’t and school board members received threats over face-mask mandates. Now, they’re going to get beat up for saying the word “gay.”

Republicans are now using “groomer” the same way Vladimir Putin is using “Nazi” in his war on Ukraine. Adolph Hitler, an actual Nazi, did the same thing. Remember when “liberal” was the bad word instructing you to hate your opponent? Is that still a thing?

let’s not skip over the fact that “gay” doesn’t mean someone’s a pedophile. Pedophilia is not a gay or straight thing. It’s sick. The fact is, most pedophiles are straight men. Isn’t Ron DeSantis straight? Isn’t Tucker Carlson straight? Isn’t Donald Trump straight?

Recently, Marjorie Taylor Greene told Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to “stay out of girls’ bathrooms,” which proves she is too stupid to be in Congress. The men she should be concerned with about being pedophiles going into girls’ bathrooms are straight men, like Dennis Hastert, Roy Moore, and Matt Gaetz. If I was in Florida I’d be more concerned with Gaetz than with Mickey Mouse. I would trust Pete Buttigieg with babysitting way before I’d ever trust Matt Gaetz. I apologize for putting Buttigieg in the same sentence with Gaetz.

This is hate and Republicans are the real groomers because they’re grooming the next generation to be as hateful and as intolerant as they are.

Music note: I rocked out to REM while drawing this cartoon making sure to skip over “Everybody Hurts” and “Shiny Happy People.”

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  1. The Republican Party today is built on intolerance, but what are their own followers getting out of it, really? Followers of Christ are supposed to love their neighbours, but Evangelicals feed on hate! Don’t they see that they are barring themselves from their chance at Heaven? Or have they all just realized Heaven is a myth, so why bother loving anyone but fellow haters! They are taking oxymoronity to a whole new level–loving haters! Or is that hating lovers?

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    There’s no bottom to their thoughts and actions!! How low can they go? … ““Groomer” is not just the latest buzzword for Republicans. It’s a vile hateful attack engineered to spread propaganda and hate and to disarm anyone who disagrees with them. If you’re incapable of defending your position on an issue, then the easiest response is to hurl a ridiculous lying accusation at your political opponent, like accusing them of being pedophiles.”


  3. Clay, I am not surprised how low the GOP can go. I simply go back to what one of my favorite conservative pundits, Michael Gerson, wrote the other day. The Republican Party is in “decay.” As an independent voter and former member of both parties, I can argue policy with Democrat politicians, but with Republican ones, I argue the truth with far too many. Gerson used the term “decay,” but when I have talked with staff of Republican legislators, I use the term “adrift, untethered to the truth or lawfulness.”

    The sad story is the truth tellers in the party are vilified and get death threats. These folks are called RINOs, but here is the question to be asked. Who are the RINOS, the people who support the liars and bullies or the people who support those telling the truth? I read the other day in a HUFFPost poll that some say Donald Trump has changed. He has not changed, he is the same untruthful and narcissistic bully he has always been.



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