Roughs, Volume 132

I drew more roughs last week than what you’re seeing here, but I’m saving a couple that may have potential for future cartoons. You’ll see them eventually.

I didn’t go with this one as there were already a few cartoons with Mickey Mouse out there on the “Don’t Say Gay” issue in Florida. There’s been even more since I sketched this out over a week ago. Actually, now that I’m looking at it again, I’m kinda liking it.

I liked this but put it aside for other cartoons. Oil companies are making huge profits off the war in Ukraine. It’s easier to blame Biden than to explain why you’re making buttloads of profit while not making any sacrifices at all. It works because people are stupid animals. I may come back to the issue.

I drew this rough several weeks ago and put it aside because it had potential. I finally used the idea this week. See? You see the roughs eventually. I brought this back after the Bucha genocide.

I made an official cartoon out of this one and it got a lot of social media and print love. People love toilet humor. I do too. Poop. Ha. Ha.

I didn’t go with this idea because I liked the next one better.

I made an official cartoon from this and it too got a lot of social media love. I know one cartoonist who’ll have two ideas on the same subject and instead of picking the strongest one, he’ll go with both…on the same day. He traces and inserts clipart he steals off the internet to save time. I’m not that guy. The bad thing is, you don’t know who I’m talking about because there’s more than one cartoonist who uses stolen clipart in his cartoons.

I made an official cartoon from this one and I think it was my weakest from last week. But, I still like it and think it’s a good cartoon. I just think all my other stuff was better. I didn’t know if this was going to work and I decided against using it. Laura, who is one of my proofers, wasn’t sure she got it but convinced me to go with it. Hilary, my other proofer, didn’t get it. I took a leap of faith with it. I didn’t see any comments from confused readers after it was published.

I wasn’t sure I was going to use this one as I had another idea I’m not letting you see yet. I chose this one over the other as it’s not as wordy and one of my friends said she literally “laughed out loud” when she read it. I slept on it and whipped this out last Sunday. It also got a lot of shares, likes, and comments on social media which happens anytime you use the word “phallic.” Right after I published this one, I got an idea of a better way it could have been done. I’m still slapping my forehead saying, “I could have had a V8.”

This is last week’s CNN cartoon. There was just one slight change to it.

Which of these are your favorites?

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One comment

  1. “ This is last week’s CNN cartoon. There was just one slight change to it.”


    Whassamatta? CNN thought that this line was too spicy???😉

    You shoulda fought for it, Clay. That’s the funniest line in the rough. And that’s after I laughed out loud for some of the others.

    So… like me, you got a crush on Scarlett Johansson too?😉


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