Bucha Trump

After Ukrainian forces retook the city of Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv, hundreds of murdered civilians were discovered. The mayor says nearly 300 bodies have been found in mass graves and on the streets. Many bodies were found with hands tied behind backs. Russia says it’s all a hoax.

At the very least, to claim dead civilians are being discovered in areas they’re retreating from, Russia has to admit it’s retreating. Nope, that’s being gaslighted too.

But Russia is calling the massacre a hoax and claiming all the bodies, if they weren’t killed by Ukrainians, are actors playing dead. One problem with that is there is satellite imagery showing many of these bodies have been lying in the streets for weeks while Russia still controlled the city. Those actors are dedicated.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called Russian actions in Bucha “genocide.” Zelensky will speak to the United Nations about Bucha today but first, he had to address the Grammys, making the Grammys relevant for the first time in forever. President Biden said he was right when he called Putin a “war criminal.”

In Russia, the murders are being denied. A 52-year-old Moscow engineer said, “If this is not fake, my brain refuses to accept it,” which sounds like something a typical Fox News watcher would say.

A lot of American “brains” that have supported and defended Putin are not accepting it either, or at least they’re being silent about it.

Donald Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “genius” and “savvy” for his war strategy. What does he say now that there’s proof Russian soldiers are rounding up civilians, tying their hands behind their backs, and shooting them in their heads? He hasn’t said anything regarding that, but he has asked Putin to find him some dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden.

Trump and his goons are not good with facts. At his hate rally last weekend, a sitting member of Congress spoke and gave Donald Trump credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, which happened under the orders of President Obama while Trump was firing Gary Busey on The Apprentice. Donald Trump did not correct the nice Congresswoman. By the way, Gary Busey is still on the loose.

Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011 and Trump didn’t take office (sic) until 2017. In case you’re a Republican, 11 comes before 17. Lisa McClain, the dumbass congresswoman, also claimed we didn’t have any wars during the Trump presidency (sic) but we have one now in Ukraine. First, we’re not fighting in Ukraine. Second, U.S. troops fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria during the Trump presidency. There was also military involvement in Yemen (where a U.S. service member was killed), Somalia, Libya, Thighland, and they’re still counting the bodies at Yo-Semite (seeing if you’re paying attention).

But Trump, who’s never silent, especially for seven hours and 38 minutes, has been silent about Putin’s genocide. He hasn’t even posted about Bucha on Truth Social, but to be fair, he hasn’t posted anything on Truth Social.

Tucker Carlson, who asked rhetorically why he should “hate” Putin and has said he’s “rooting” for Russia, has not criticized Putin’s war crimes but he has accused Ukraine of committing war crimes without any evidence.

Sputnik Boy usually spanks out 27 tweets a day in defense of Russia but his account was strangely silent over the Bucha massacre yesterday, but has since found his footing and has now posted a string of whatabout tweets on other massacres. Oddly enough, he made a post yesterday defending whatabout arguments.

There is a sickness and depravity to “root” and cheer on murderers. It’s worse than going to a slasher movie and cheering for Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, Darth Sidious, or Jar-Jar. This is not a debate like who’s the real bully in the Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio or William Zabka. Putin is the bad guy. Putin is a war criminal. Putin is committing war crimes.

This war is not the fault of President Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, or NATO. Despite what you read on Gab or Truth Social, nobody “goaded” Putin to start a war. And even if someone did “goad” Putin, it would still be his fault. He’s an adult and not a baby being trolled on Facebook.

To excuse or remain silent over Vladimir Putin’s war crimes is the equivalent of defending Hitler over the Holocaust. Yes, this comparison is apt. Comparisons to Hitler are valid when mass graves are being found, not when your favorite goose-stepping blogger’s speech is protested at a university or when trans Potato Head is allowed to swim with girls.

Even the Republicans who defended Trump’s extortion of Ukraine’s president by withholding U.S. military aid, for defense against a possible Russian invasion, for dirt on the Bidens, are calling Putin a war criminal.

Just like we remember who supported Nazis, who supported the racists in the Civil Rights movement, who supported Apartheid, and who voted for Trump, we’ll never forget your support of Vladimir Putin’s genocide.

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  2. Kremlin Carlson is no differant than Axis Sally – she was convicted of treason against the US – DOJ get with it. Interesting note Mildred Gillars fiances last name was Karlson. Cheers


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