Roughs, Volume 131

This week’s batch of roughs contains yachts, slaps, tanks, babies, Biden, Putin, Ginni, Clarence, pizza, and stinky feet. Enjoy.

I drew this either Thursday or Friday the week before. On Sunday night, I was thinking about what cartoon to do on Monday morning and this was a contender. And then there was the slap heard all around the world.

As I said, we all heard the slap. I went out Sunday night and spent most of the time thinking about my next cartoon. When I got home, I saw the slap story and I knew I’d have to do something on it. I drew this up Monday morning and seriously considered it, but eventually chose something else on the slap. I picked the one I chose because I liked the drawing and I felt the joke was quicker. That cartoon made The Washington Post, so I believe I chose wisely.

I strongly considered this last Saturday morning. But I had already done so much on the subject and this is a reference that only older readers (like myself) would get, and half of them have probably forgotten it. But, I still like it and wish I had thought of it a few days sooner.

I skipped this one because every cartoonist has already drawn Putin in a tank (I have) and another tank with a “Z” on it. This was my first rough of the week and it was really just a warm-up drawing.

I’m not in love with this but it’s the kind of idea another cartoonist would draw and his readers would tell him he’s a genius for it. I should sell these ideas to other cartoonists.

This was supposed to show how strong President Biden’s Poland speech was, but he ended it poorly. Also, it’s not a great cartoon.

I liked this but thought the Montana airport thing was kind of an obscure story that only the hyper partisans on Facebook would react to. You know, my readers. I love you, I swear. I was talking to a colleague last week about this subject and he too had drawn a rough on it but didn’t run with the idea because he also thought the subject was a little obscure.

This is just OK.

This one became an official cartoon I had a lot of fun with. I actually chose it last Saturday over the “Ms. Jackson” cartoon.

I didn’t take a good shot with this one.

After I’ve been drawing roughs for a few hours, I start to burn out and exclude things like faces while just trying to get the idea across to an editor. And then sometimes, the editor will reply, “Hey, I like this one but I think the people need to have faces.” I liked this idea.

I like this one too.

This one made me laugh but I don’t think it’s strong enough…other than the stink of Ted Cruz’s feet.

This is the rough last week’s CNN cartoon was chosen from. I was happy with it.

I like this one but like with the Putin “Z” tank thing, every cartoonists has drawn Ginni, or Clarence, as the Qanon Shaman. I may have to draw another Ginni/Clarence cartoon in the near future as I think I’ve only done one. The issue is still alive and it’s important.

Which of these is your favorite?

Music note: I don’t listen to music while doing the roughs. I’m too busy braining. Thinking is hard.

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