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The owner of the Washington Redskins, I mean the Washington Football Team, I mean The Washington Commanders, Dan Snyder, is a pervert and I believe all the accusations that are coming out about him. There’s your blog, kids.

I’m tired. I’ve been traveling since 8:00 AM this morning, east coast time. And when I wasn’t traveling, I was spending an hour and a half sitting on tarmacs. One reason was that Vegas is windy so we had to sit in Denver for 30 minutes. The other reason was that there was paperwork in Washington, so we had to sit on the tarmac for an hour. Paperwork? Fuck you, Frontier Airlines.

I wasn’t going to give you a new cartoon today, and if you’re on east coast time, I barely made it. But, I thought it’d be fun to draw the cartoon in airports and tease people about what I was drawing and where I was going. This cartoon was drawn in Virginia (I roughed and did the speech bubble there), Washington, D.C, Denver, and published in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yes, kids. I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada. Why am I in Las Vegas, Nevada?

There’s a huge story about to happen and CNN wanted me on the ground to cover it in my cartoony style. Nah, that’s not it.

The big paper here in Las Vegas flew me in for a job interview. Nah, that’s not it.

Wayne Newton called in sick and they asked me to fill in. Nah, that’s not it.

I owe some big money to the sharks and figured if I made an appeal in person, they wouldn’t break my drawing hand. Nah, that’s not it.

I got lost. That could be it.

Honestly, I’m in Las Vegas because I’ve never been here before and a great deal came my way right when I was going Virginia winter stir crazy. The funny thing is, I’m in Las Vegas and I don’t have any plans. I don’t wanna see a show. I don’t want to gamble. I don’t want to hit any clubs. I don’t want to go to strip joints. And, I definitely don’t want to go where it’s legal to do what’s not legal everywhere else in the country. So, I’m just going to sight-see and draw cartoons for a couple of days all by myself. Did I mention it’s cheap?

By the way, I asked the shuttle driver if you pronounce it “Nevada” or “Nevada.” He said he’s lived here his entire life and it’s always been “Nevada.” Now you know.

I wish you were here.

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  1. There is a lot to do and see in Vegas. Enjoy yourself Clay. Around 11 PM there is a comedy show in the Tropicana as well as acrobats about in various casinos. Lot of shows. Have fun. Relax. wonderful restaurants.


  2. On my one “trip” to Vegas I lost one 5 cent piece in one one-armed bandit at a grocery store. I lost my nickel, so I left town. Took over an hour to go from one side of the city to the other, but that was long enough for me. I hope you stay longer than I did.
    So why isn’t the NFL kicking Snyder out of the league? Because he is white, male, and rich. Rich white men would never do what he is accused of doing. Just ask Peter Nygaard! (who was paying off women in Winnipeg before he was ever rich and well-known in fashion circles. Okay, he was rich then, but nowhere near as rich as he is now!)
    “Strip Snyder!” of his NFL holdings. He is only going to em-bare-ass the league as a whole.
    QUESTION: How many other owners and league officials did he party with?


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    Whilte traveling … coming up with great cartoons!! … “The owner of the Washington Redskins, I mean the Washington Football Team, I mean The Washington Commanders, Dan Snyder, is a pervert and I believe all the accusations that are coming out about him. There’s your blog, kids.”


  4. Many craft breweries nearby. When my wife and I had to kill a few hours waiting for our son’s later flight to arrive, we went to Tenaya Brewery. Great selection of beers, and they have multiple menus of places that deliver. Enjoy.


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