Rittenhouse Verdict


Sorry, kids. No blog. I’m on my CNN deadline and I stopped to jam this out real quick. I gotta get back to that before they start screaming at me.

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  1. Does anyone other than me feel like vomiting? Is it really self-defense when someone’s already down and you finish them off with a shot in the back?
    This is sooooo wrong.

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  2. This proves that justice is for sale in the United States of America. The price might not be money, but dead black people seems to be better than money to some. It is now open season on people of colour in the USA. I am extremely glad I live in Canada. If I get shot here, it will be because someone dislikes me, not because of the colour of my skin!

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  3. Clay, the Rittenhouse verdict reminds me of the George Zimmerman verdict when he followed and killed Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was told by the 911 dispatcher NOT to follow Martin. Rittenhouse went armed for bear and three people end up dead.

    When you look for trouble, do not be surprised when you find it. In both circumstances, people are dead because of what I would observe is the minimal charge of “reckless endangerment.” If Rittenhouse stayed home, those people would not be dead. Keith

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