Roughs, Volume 112

Strap yourself in, or not, and let’s check out what I roughed out the week before.


My CNN editor and I both liked this cartoon. We talked about it and we agreed that it might have been just a little outdated by the time we ran it, which would have been last Sunday. I think it would have been OK but there were larger fish to fry, catch, mock, insult, etc, etc. I also had a there’s-something-on-the-wing concept but I just couldn’t get there. And there weren’t any wings on the shuttle.


I did another version of this cartoon. It’s always fun to draw Steve Bannon which has to be more fun than being Steve Bannon.


There are two ideas for this one. We went with this idea for the CNN newsletter. I was very happy it was picked over the Shatner one.


This is the other idea on the subject. I was going to draw it last weekend but decided to wait until AFTER the CNN cartoon ran. Then I thought I should wait a few more days as the layout was kinda the same. Though it would have gone to different clients, my online readers see all my cartoons. And then other issues arrived and it got away from me. Now, Trump is probably going to say this stupid-ass statement again, so I may come back to this. Don’t be surprised if you see it again.


This rough is actually from the week before. You’re not required to remember this, but you may recall in the last batch, I said there was another rough and I was hanging onto it for now. This is it. It also changed as I made it more specific about Virginia governor Trumper candidate Glenn Youngkin and I put classic book titles on these books. The titles I used have actually been banned by a school district in this country. Yes, there are books being banned in this country.


I didn’t draw this rough for CNN. I drew it for myself as I was trying to figure out how to draw it.


I kinda liked this one but I didn’t think it was strong enough.


You probably saw the completed version of this already. The funny thing is, I sat on it for about five days before I drew it up. I got ideas, yo. You should see the list. I always have to destroy the list eventually as it gets so large that it starts to lag on the computer and I’m not a patient person.


I may come back to this one as well.


People ask me all the time do a Great Pumpkin cartoon. The thing is, I do them nearly every Halloween. I even did one last March as Trump and that pillow fucker was talking about reinstatement. The Halloween animation I drew last year, TrumpenWeenie, also had a part playing off the Charlie Brown Halloween special. Also, I did the “I got a rock” thing earlier this week. But, I’m going to do a Great Pumpkin cartoon in the coming days. It’s not going to be this one. My friend Quannah has already seen it and gave it a thumbs-up.

Alright, kids. As usual, what’s your favorites?

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