Roughs, Volume 109

Kids, I know you’re going to be all like, “Wha’aaaaaaaaaaaat?” when I tell you this, but I only drew six roughs the week before last. Crazy, I know. What else is crazy is that four of them became actual published cartoons.


This one did not become a published cartoon. But I did cover the subject along with a lot of other cartoonists and the critics wanted us to note that the Border Patrol agents on horses were NOT whipping Haitian immigrants with whips. They were being whipped with reigns. Michael Ramirez drew a cartoon conservativesplainin’ it to the rest of us in the news business. Boy they really owned us in the lame-stream media with that detail.


This one got away from me in the rough, so I didn’t even draw it. But it was under heavy consideration. Also under consideration was throwing in a hang-in-there-kitty meme. I liked the concept.


This is the one I drew for CNN. Right after I drew it, I saw another Republican popcorn cartoon by a Pulitzer-Prize winner. A few days later, I saw another with the popcorn theme by another Pulitzer-Prize winner. The popcorn theme has been used before so everyone’s innocent here. It makes a good point in this case with Republicans, whether it’s over the Biden plan or the debt ceiling. I didn’t feel too bad about using the same theme as two others because I’m a huge fan of both cartoonists. I figure if I’m on the same wavelength as those two, then it’s not that bad.

Also, in case you’re wondering: Yes. Every political cartoonist in the country has at least one Pulitzer…except for me.


I actually did not love this idea but I really wanted to do something for my clients on the spending plan and the popcorn cartoon was for CNN. I liked it but I didn’t love it. I liked it a lot better when I made it a stab-in-the-back party and threw in a lot more donkeys. It was very hard to pull off but I think it was worth it when it made The Washington Post. Go me.


I really liked this concept and it became an actual published cartoon. Did I forget the trail of slime in the published cartoon? I think I did. But hey, anytime I get to make another stab at Stephen Miller, I’ll take it.


This is very simple but sometimes, simple works. All it is two speech balloons and Mitch McConnell’s head. It became a published cartoon. I started the cartoon over but honestly, I could have kept this drawing and had just redone the lettering. I love drawing Mitch McConnell. Republicans tend to be easier to draw than Democrats because Republicans are evil.

That’s it, kids. Thanks for riding along. Next week’s collection of roughs will also be kinda light as I only drew eight. You have already seen the finished versions of two of them and there will be at least one more.

Which of these are your favorites?

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