Roughs, Volume 108

I joked on Twitter last week that I had a bunch of leftover ideas and asked if anybody wanted one. Several people raised their hands but they may all have been joking.


This is one of the extra ideas that wasn’t used. I saw someone do something similar so I canned it. I didn’t love it anyway.


This was not an extra idea. It’s what turned into the CNN cartoon. If you remember, you’ll notice it’s laid out differently. I was barely able to get all the drag Republicans in it. I really liked this one. I liked all my AOC ideas.

This isn’t an extra either but it almost because one. I had already done an AOC/dress cartoon for CNN and my clients, so I didn’t need to draw another one. I just thought it was too funny to let go.


This one isn’t an extra either and I’m glad I drew it out as it made The Washington Post.


This one was drawn too. It’s not an extra. Now, on to the cartoons I didn’t use.


I wasn’t sure what to use for the dress on this one. What is a cheap dress? I messaged a female friend and asked her which she may have taken as an insult. This is an extra idea.


I couldn’t get this one to excite me, but I did want to draw General Milley again.


And then I did a bunch of Trump rally ideas and now I’m glad I didn’t use any as it was a big bust. I’m also glad I didn’t go to Washington to cover it as I originally planned.


I thought this was OK…but just OK.


If you’re still a Trump cultist, I think you have a mental problem.




I hate this one. I am so sick of drawing the COVID germ. Also, I’m sick of other cartoonists’ cartoons of the COVID germ, especially the ones that merely say COVID is at a place. But even though I hate this one, it would have worked if anyone had gone to the Trump Loser Rally, which I like to refer to as the Don’t Cry For Me Mar-a-Lago Rally.


Rough1391I kinda liked this one.


This was OK too but I wasn’t in love with it.


I almost did this one but then thought, “Eh…Larry Elder is old news.” Larry Elder is just another Republican loser.


I did a version of this ferret idea over a decade ago. I don’t think it works as well here.

Out of 16 roughs, I used four. If you are a cartoonist, or not, which one would you have wanted?

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  1. I got a good laugh out of the first one, mostly because of the toy phone and the match the shapes ball. I also liked the rally one with the Dewey Won sign. I think you have to know about that bit of history to appreciate it. I live in So. California so I’m glad you didn’t do the one with the Redwood. It is sad enough they are being weakened by drought and surrounded by fire. I am hoping the groves will survive the fires.


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