Roughs, Volume 104

I drew 13 roughs last week. All of these were created a week before the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport, so keep that in mind. A few of these grew up to become real cartoons while the window has closed on the rest.


This is one that may have been turned into an official cartoon for my clients on another day, but better ideas pushed it aside.


My editor at CNN really liked this but I thought I could improve it with some comedic timing, so I took a second shot at it.


This is the second shot and it worked. It was the basis for the CNN cartoon that week.


I never did do a cartoon on booster shots. This was not the right idea. In hindsight, it’s frivolous. 


I don’t really like this one either.




This idea was getting somewhere. Did I do something on this? Let me consult my files. Yes! I did do something on this. I can’t remember what I drew yesterday. 


I had one issue with this. Even though I’m using Islamic names (some not spelled correctly. It’s a rough. Sue me), I was afraid I’d be accused of being Islamophobic. But, I did like the concept of the Taliban wading through the murkiness of government bureaucracy. They were responsible for it two decades ago, but I don’t think they did a great job with it. ISIS also created a government and infrastructure when they created an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. 


Ya’ know how they say, “Never go with your first idea?” This is a first idea and I didn’t go with it. And, it’s not too bad. 


I don’t think I got this where I wanted it, so I moved on.


I moved onto Mr. Taliban Head. I really liked this one. Drawing a Jihad Potato Head is too much fun.


This is me trying something on boosters and I couldn’t really get it. A couple days later, a friend and colleague did a booster seat cartoon that’s kinda close to this concept. I sent him a text congratulating him for making it work when I couldn’t. 


I kinda liked this one. Trumpsters hate General Milley because he put the nation before Trump. Also, the last time I drew this guy, I totally nailed it. I wanted to draw him again. 

Which of these are your faves? And, yes. There are videos of them being drawn.

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Watch me draw:


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