Roughs, Volume 102

This batch of roughs is from the first week of August. And yes, there will be a video of these. The big topic last week was Cuomo, DeSantis, Florida, Trump’s insurrection, and the Delta Variant.


I kinda like this one while not being in love with it. I didn’t know what label to put on the door. Yes, that’s supposed to be Andrew Cuomo. I drew this before he resigned.


This is the rough that became the cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter. I am very glad they chose this one. I thought it was a strong cartoon while also being morbidly funny.


I doubt this one works at all. It was also drawn before he resigned.


I didn’t think this one was very clever so I’m surprised another cartoonist hasn’t drawn it yet. 


Maybe I should have drawn this one. But, I did make the same argument in a cartoon I did publish. But then again, I may resurrect it when the Matt Gaetz stuff comes back into the headlines.


This is me trying something I wasn’t in love with. I’ll often draw something and then realize after it’s finished, or even during the drawing, that it’s not what I want to do. A lot of times I will draw an idea to flesh out the one I want. It’s kinda like summoning a demon. “Hey, cartoon demon. If you don’t show up with the right idea soon, we’re in danger of this shitty one being published.” He’ll usually show up shortly after in a panic saying, “I’m so sorry. We can’t let that happen. Here’s the right idea. See you tomorrow.”

I’ll often look at a rough and tell myself, “This isn’t it, but it’s on the way to it.”


This idea became a published cartoon. I’ll take just about any opportunity where I get to draw Elvis, a gopher, an alien, a Cyber Ninja, an alligator, MyPillow Guy, Tucker, Trump, and Trumpy Bear. 


This was definitely one that was not “it.” But, it did lead to the one I did draw for CNN. The process works…sometimes.


This one became an actual cartoon also and I think I found it funnier than my readers did. I couldn’t stop giggling to myself when I thought of it and yet on social media, it kinda bombed.


I kinda liked this one. The fact is, Donald Trump tried to remain as president illegally. He was trying to force the Justice Department to help him in his coup attempt. Even some of the goons he installed wouldn’t go along with it and he was on the verge of replacing them with other goons who were more sycophantic. I went with the cabinet cartoon over this one. All the characters in that cartoon were funnier than a janitor. 

Do you like any of these? If so, which ones? 

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Watch me draw:



  1. Hope you’ll be doing a cartoon of Afghan Prez Ashraf Ghani fleeing the country to his Swiss bank accounts while unarmed women and girls– with all their dreams for the future– face the heavily armed Taliban.

    There was a joke/comment on fb somewhere last night that US forces had Ghani in a basement ” sweating his Swiss bank account numbers out of him.”

    Two days ago he blandly said something about the the peace talks in Doha …that his government might offer ” power -sharing ” to the Taliban under certain conditions.

    Of course, he is gone today. 83 billion dollars. Can you imagine if we had invested that here. Maybe we might have had better public education and Americans might understand science!!!! Sickening.

    Womens’ and girls’ lives sacrificed.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Your cartoons hit the mark for me. (Out of the roughs, I especially liked the one of drumpf with his “cabinet,” and the one if him trying to get the custodian to sign his election fraud doc. )

    Zoe Koosis

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked the one with Cuomo putting his hands on Letitia James’s face because it would be so *him*, and I hope the final would have the look of “now you gonna die” in her eyes. But that’s just me, a woman, who has had to deal with assholes like Cuomo many times.

    Liked by 2 people

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