Roughs, Volume 97

Here are a batch of roughs from the previous week. Since each of these was drawn on the Surface Pro, there is not a video of them being drawn. My replacement Apple Pencil (for the iPad, duh) was still in transit while these were being drawn.


I really did like this one but since I had already drawn a Cosby for my clients, I was only going to draw it if CNN liked it. They did not. Also, covering the New York City mayor’s race isn’t an issue that interests everyone. For some, yeah because it’s the nation’s largest city. For others, no because it doesn’t actually affect them.


Same with this one on Cosby. I wasn’t going to draw it unless CNN liked it and they did not. To be honest, I didn’t like it either.


This is the one CNN did like and I liked it too. I had a lot of fun drawing presidents I never get to draw. I also enjoyed the blog I wrote for it. My editor made a lot of cracks about how I had been needing to brush up on my Franklin Pierce caricature.


You’re probably going to see this as a finished cartoon down the line.


This became a completed cartoon and I really liked the way came out.


I kinda liked this one, but I’ve kinda used the same concept recently with Republicans and our female dark-skinned vice-president.


I may come back to this one. All my colleagues have drawn climate change cartoons over the past couple weeks and I should probably join them. I have to say, the older I get, the less I like hot weather which might be strange since I was mostly raised in the deep south. I want to move further north.


I drew this but then I thought I shouldn’t do a play on his name. I’m not sure where the line is on that with anti-Semitism and it’s something a lot of conservative fucks did with President Obama and now with Vice-President Kamala Harris. I can do better than that. But, weasels are funny.


This is one of my faves from the past week. I felt it was powerful and loved the drawing. I think the completed version may have been the first cartoon drawn after my replacement Apple pencil arrived.


This one because an official cartoon also. It appeared on GoComics yesterday where conservatives were screaming at me for not drawing Nancy like a zombie. One of them even asked, “Who’s that supposed to be?” even though her name is in the speech balloon.

My next batch of roughs were drawn on the iPad which means there are videos for them. I’ll put them all into one for you. That’ll be fun. Which one of these roughs is your favorite?

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Watch me draw:



  1. Mayor Cosby was my favorite. While it might not affect the country, ranked choice voting should be brought up more often. Maybe the more this type of voting is discussed, we would see throughout the country instead of a few places for only some types of elections.


  2. Somehow I missed the “Benjamin” part of Hawkeye’s name on MASH and always thought he was named after Pres. Franklin Pierce….

    With the way summer weather has been going lately, I’m beginning to wonder if Wisconsin will soon be the new place everybody wants to move to. They’re baking out West and running low on water, while we’ve been 70-ish and getting lots of rain. Though I don’t much like the thought of all those PEOPLE…..


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