Roughs, Volume 95

Here’s a collection of roughs from the past week and then some.


This rough did lead to an official cartoon.


I came very close to making a real cartoon out of this for my clients, but I went with something else on the Trump/DOJ stuff and then it got away from me. I really did like this one though.


This one seems just a bit too basic and obvious…which means I probably should have done it. Lately, it seems like a lot of Captain Obvious type stuff is being reprinted in major publications.


I think I was looking for something here I didn’t find.


I roughed this one out for CNN and they didn’t bite (no pun intended) and I didn’t either. But after Senate Republicans killed a bill on voting rights that would have only opened up debates on it, I came back to this idea. I went with this version but I drew two others.


I didn’t like this one after creating it.


Eh, I don’t like this one either. I went with the right one.


I changed this one around a bit but it did lead to an official cartoon. 


This was my second version of Juneteenth. I actually liked it better but everyone I bounced both roughs off of liked the other one.


I like where I was going with this one but it got too wordy and complicated.


This is another I didn’t know if I’d do…but I did…and it got big on me. A lot of my clients ran it and it went over really well at GoComics where it got a buttload of comments.


I really like this one…a lot. But, I already invoked Aunt Jemima in a recent cartoon so I didn’t want to overdo it.

All of these roughs were drawn in Corel Painter on my Surface Pro 6. But last week, I decided to try drawing the roughs in Procreate on my iPad. I liked it. It wasn’t frustrating like it’s become with Surface and Corel. Plus, Procreate makes a video of each drawing. Since each of the videos of the roughs are only about 12 seconds long, I’m going to put them all together and make one video out of them. That’ll be new and I’ll try to do this every week.

See you soon.

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Notes on my book, Tales From The Trumpster Fire: There are ZERO copies of my book in stock, which usually go for $45.00 each, signed. Another order will be placed soon. You may pre-order if you want. Also, I have copies of my first book from 1997, Knee-Deep in Mississippi available for $20.00.

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Watch me draw:


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