Roughs, Volume 94

This is a collection of rough drawings from the past two weeks. I’m combining two weeks here because I didn’t draw very many during the first week, and then I drew a ton during the second.

Also, some of you know I recently switched from drawing my cartoons in Corel Painter on a Surface Pro 6 and to drawing them in Procreate on an iPad 12.9. They’re both good systems with each doing some things better than the other. One thing I find easier with the Surface Pro is dragging a drawing into a Gmail. So for that reason alone, I’m going to continue drawing roughs, roughing it, on the Surface Pro. Besides, I own two versions of Corel Painter so I might as well keep using one of them for something. Also, can you believe Procreate is only $9.99? Corel has programs in the hundreds of dollars while the two I purchased were both around $40. Procreate is ten bucks, not per month, but forever. Unlike Photoshop and Microsoft Office, you buy and own it, not rent it.

I’m done. To the cartoons…

Note: I published this too soon. I wanted to save a few of these cartoons and post this later in the week…and then I inadvertently hit published. I went back and removed a couple that I may want to draw later. So if you got the email, you got to see those cartoons.


This is one of those ideas that’s good in your head but not so much after you draw it. But, I showed it to my padwan, Alex, and she loved it. Go figure. So, I put it here first.


Earlier in the week, I had the impression we might do something with cicadas for the CNN Opinion newsletter, but it was too early in the week to decide on subjects. I drew a couple anyway.


Bug. Get it? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Never mind.


This is the rough that became the cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter. I had fun with it.


I didn’t like this very much.


I didn’t draw this because I didn’t want to feed into GOP bullshit.


I know. I’ve been drawing a lot of Trump butts lately. I can’t help myself. This became an official cartoon that I had too much fun drawing.


This also became an actual cartoon. In fact, it was the first I drew on the iPad. I probably should have picked something a bit easier. I had a frustrating time with it.


I didn’t make this an official cartoon because I had already covered the backwards pants and DOJ spying thing. Also, it’s another Trump ass cartoon. What is wrong with me? Is his butt really that funny? I’m going with yes.

I took three roughs out and I’ll re-post them later…after I decide to make official cartoons out of them are not. Sorry.

Which ones are your favorites?

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Watch me draw:


One comment

  1. As always it’s fun to see your rough sketches, so thanks for sharing, and good luck with the new drawing app. As for my fav, I’d love to see something with the old SPY VS SPY! They never speak, which makes for a possible fun scene with the infiltration of the orange menace or some other character shooting off their big mouth. Which reminds me, I love how you draw open mouths with the squiggly tongue! That’s a Claytoonz identifier for sure.


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