Critical Race Theory


The 1619 Project is a journalistic endeavor by The New York Times which reframes the nation’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the center of the United State’s narrative. It was launched in 2019 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first slaves to colonial Virginia. The introductory essay won the Pulitzer Prize. Naturally, white conservatives hate this.

A few historians also questioned the project and have accused it of putting ideology before historical understandings. But isn’t that what we grew up with? You grew up with history written by white men. The history books we grew up with aren’t as fucked up and total bullshit like that other book written from a male perspective, the Bible, but it excludes a lot. History is written by the victors, but that should probably stop.

History isn’t just black and white. When you study World War II, you can’t walk away thinking it was as simple as good vs. evil. You need to understand why. Why did Japan want to wage war on the U.S? Why did we side with a communist nation like the Soviet Union? Which colonizing empire, Japan or the British, are the good guys? Why did a democratic Finland fight against the allies and with the Nazis? History is complicated. And when that war was over, the victors drew new boundaries and people in the Middle East had no say in what country they even lived in.

History is funny in that you can spend your entire life studying the subject. Civilization is old. A lot of shit has happened in the past. Another funny thing about history is that so many people tell different versions. A former editor of mine, who served in Vietnam, argued that the United States didn’t lose that war. And he was there watching us lose it. A lot of people get the history they want to get. I’ve had a history professor tell me the U.S. Civil War was not over slavery which is very complicated. Basically, the Civil War was not about slavery for the north. For the south, it was the only thing they were fighting for. Fight me.

And they’re still fighting in the south. Southern Republicans, and in a few other red states outside the south, are fighting Critical Race Theory. What’s that? Critical Race Theory is the study of how racism is embedded in our society which all started when that first boat landed in Virginia over 400 years ago. White Republicans have labeled it as “anti-American.” The Trump administration tried to shut it down by ordering the Department of Education to cease funding to any schools teaching it, and not teaching how awesome Murica is and that it all started in 1776. The Trump administration wanted to rewrite history to only teach “patriotic” history. I’m not fucking with you here. Mitch McConnell called Critical Race Theory “divisive nonsense.”

White Republicans will tell you we have a racist past, but it’s all better now. There is no longer any racism and the Derek Chauvin trial proved it. Tucker Carlson asked on his show, that’s a favorite for white supremacists, “What is white supremacy?”.

Texas’ Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, who has shown of his hatred and ignorance in the past, said, “Texans reject critical race theory and other so-called ‘woke’ philosophies that maintain that one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex or that any individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive.” Critical Race Theory doesn’t teach that one race is superior to other races. I get the sense that Dan Patrick got all his history by watching Tucker Carlson.

If you think the Ku Klux Klan was started by the Democratic Party, the south fighting for slavery were the liberals, and that the parties didn’t flip positions through the 1950s and 1960s, then you are desperately in need of a real history lesson. And don’t give me any of that PragerU. shit.

President Joe Biden’s Department of Education issued proposals to update the teaching of American history and civics in schools, incorporating anti-racist works such as the 1619 Project. White conservatives are afraid. Anything that threatens their white privilege is addressed at the top of their agenda, after fealty to Trump.

Idaho has banned Critical Race Theory from being taught in any of their schools, from elementary schools to universities. You don’t want Republicans in charge of your lesson planner. Remember a few years ago when Texas rewrote all their history books to refer to slaves as “workers?” Yeah.

But these fucknut lesson planners aren’t just limited to Texas and Idaho. Republicans in Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Rhode Island and West Virginia are working on legislation to ban anything that teaches “divisive concepts” or that “suggests” the United States is a racist country.

White speaking against Critical Race Theory, and advancing a bill to outlaw it, Tennessee legislator Justin Lafferty argued the Three-Fifths Compromise, that was counting black people as three-fifths of a person was included in the Constitution to end slavery. In reality, the Compromise was created to count slaves in the south so that could increase representation in Congress, even though those slaves had no voting rights…or any rights. It went along with the racist Electoral College, distributing votes in the south unequally. That’s another reason to get rid of the Electoral College. The Three-Fifths Compromise and the Electoral College made slavery stronger. The idiot arguing the Compromise was to end slavery got a standing ovation from the white Republicans present. Seriously.

The guy might as well have argued the Underground Railroad was built by Jefferson Davis or that the Confederacy seceded to end slavery.

These white Republicans are arguing that if something is “divisive” then it shouldn’t be taught or discussed. These fuckers sounds like newspaper opinion page editors. And, these racists are trying to paint anti-racism as anti-American. And maybe they have a point. America is a racist country.

Even if you don’t agree the United States remains a racist nation, you do need to understand we have a racist history and that this nation was built on racism. We also need to acknowledge the contributions to our nation from black Americans. That’s not being woke. That’s being informed. Just a few years ago, Michelle Obama got a lot of heat from white Republicans for pointing out she was living in a house slaves built.

White Republicans aren’t just making it illegal to teach history they don’t want to hear…they’re banning black history. I don’t want to give them any ideas, but I’m surprised they’re not writing laws to save Aunt Jemima-shaped syrup bottles.

These same fuckers banning history being taught that may suggest we are a racist nation are the same assholes writing laws making it harder for black people to vote. They’re the same racist idiots making it legal to run over people protesting for equality and against police violence on black Americans. We don’t need to teach proper history to know we’re a racist nation. Just show students a photo of Donald Trump.

What we need are classes to teach Republicans irony.

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  1. Claiming that America is racist, and that if any white conservatives disagree they must be racist… IS racist. Our country was founded in 1776, the 1619 project is a dishonest, deliberately misleading rewrite/distortion of that history. Plain and simple. And before you make the mistake of thinking I’m stereotypical white conservative like you referred to in your post, I’m not a conservative, and though I might appear to be white at first glance there are simply too many ethnicities in me for me to even keep track of. I’m post-racial and colorblind. Identity politics are cancerous. It’s just diversified racism.


    1. Though you be of many colours and nationalisms, I hate to inform you, Mr. Sutter, America is a racist country. I’ll go you one better. All nations descending from European countries are racist countries. Let me add, China and Japan. You may think Asians are one race, but they are not, not according to them. Uh, let’s go to Africa, where some blacks hate other blacks because they descend from different families. In the Americas, Sioux hated Blckfoot hated Cree hated Huron. It wasn’t till long after white men came that First Nations people grew to hate whites rather than each other, because the enemy of my enemy is more my friend than my enemy.
      People just hate other people. They see differences we cannot see because we see only those like us as different, and those unlike us as all the same. That in itself is racist.
      I too am a Heinz 59, but yet I am seen by most as a half-breed, what we in Canada call Metis. Whites see us as First Nations, First Nations see us as white. We see ourselves as Metis. But that does not stop us from getting racist comments from all sides.
      Now, I am not saying you are racist. I am not saying I am racist. I am not saying Clay Jones is racist. But you can bet your last arrowhead we are all descended from racists of one kind or another, and the history of the world, the real actual history of the world–not just that history written by whites–is full of racism. It is the way of humanity. And it is our task to overcome it, all over the world. And that is that, Jack!

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      1. It’s odd that, long after Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), trumpeted “greed is good,” so many want to deny the ubiquity of greed. By the time the first written texts were recorded (some sort of commodity lists), people were already skilled warriors, with reasonably advanced strategy and tactics. What we might call war crimes occurred everywhere, although they were only dimly aware of such a notion.

        The European powers that sought to trade sugar cane, molasses, and rum, or the Spanish invaders who worked (male only) guano miners to death, would have been baffled by the motion that non-[your own religion] groups were human. They probably struggled to really comprehend what Latin guidance from the Vatican, or Arabic guidance from Mecca and Medina, even communicated.

        To be fair, Christianity teaches that the typical human soul is kind of icky. No argument there.

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  2. I used to believe human beings were an advanced life form. As long as racism exists, and racism does exists, humans will be a primitive life form.

    The end of racism will be an evolutionary advancement for mankind.

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  3. It is typical that Republicans appropriated “Anerican exceptionalism” as a desirable outcome. “Smerican exceptionalism” was originally posed as a criticism. (“How is it that Iranians are “nationalists,” but Americans are “patriots”?

    Once you concede we are a crew in the same mob as Dutch, French, British, German, Japanese, etc., etc., slave murderers, you are no longer all defensive about a grossly endemic moral flaw.


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    #1619Project … “The 1619 Project is a journalistic endeavor by The New York Times which reframes the nation’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the center of the United State’s narrative. It was launched in 2019 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first slaves to colonial Virginia.” … GOPers are screaming about erasing this part of American history … they are whitewashing history!! Educate yourself … do not depend on THEM!!


  5. The death of irony underlies much if what’s wrong with this nation

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  6. My personal experience was history in High School was memorizing a bunch of names and dates and events. It wasn’t until college that history became an activity where you tried to understand the people and the culture and the dynamics of historical events. Obviously, I liked history better in college. But this leads me to ask if High Schools are actually teaching Critical Race Theory at all? Seems like a college level course. I would think High Schools could teach about the Tulsa Massacre and the Japanese internment all day long without ever discussing CRT specifically. Yes? No?


  7. Regarding what public schools are teaching, what we noticed over the years was the light going out of the students’ eyes the longer they stayed. Year after year, the light was going out. We worked hard to increase the light of understanding, the joy of discovery, but the propagandists have done their job well, all too many parents going along to get along. It’s not so much what they are teaching as much as the propaganda and lack of any real instruction, creating a lost generation who are then easy to control, though they don’t see it.


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