Herd Mentality


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If you’re in the Fredericksburg area and need to set up an appointment to receive the coronavirus vaccine, visit the click this site for Mary Washington Hospital.

If you’re not in the Fredericksburg area, but in Virginia, visit this site for Vaccinate Virginia.

I got my first dose today. I’m a Pfizer kid, baby. They are literally herding people through the vaccination center at Mary Washington Hospital here in Fredericksburg. There are a lot of people volunteering to help out and I gotta say, they’re doing a great job with the program. I don’t mean to demean it when I say “herding” because that’s what they have to do…and it’s working great for everyone. Herd me, baby. Moo. The entire process probably took less than 30 minutes. You have to go through several people when you’re receiving your vaccination and they herd you from one to the next. It’s coordinated very well. I was impressed.

Thank you to everyone who is helping with the vaccine distribution. And thanks to everyone who’s getting the vaccine or planning to. You rock.

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  2. I, too, was impressed by the efficiency of the Pinellas County (FL) fire fighters/EMTs who organized the facility where I got my Pfizer shot; #2 on Friday. Both the parking lot AND the inside were staffed and organized. Much better than standing in line for hours and finding out there’s no vaccine left by the time you get to the beginning of the line!


  3. Just to temper your enthusiasm a touch, you are not out of the negative symptoms for a while yet. Everyone is different, and I appreciate that. But it was more than 36 hours after my Pfizer shot when I last thought it was all good. By hour 37 I was very nauseous, so dizzy I could barely focus my eyes, and I got so tired I barely got up to go to bed. I thought I was made of steel, but within minutes I was pure jelly. I wish this on no one (well, maybe the former guy), but I say be prepared. I wasn’t, and I think I was worse for it.
    It took 10 days for the symptoms to relax , and I still have little energy, but I am almost back to near normal,


      1. Good idea. My partner cannot even get her first shot yet. I may have my second before she gets her first. She is much further down the list of endangered species than I am. Personally, I think households should be vaccinated at the same time, but your idea makes sense too.


      1. My wife is getting her first shot today. Having such reactions is a good sign in fact, meaning the vaccine is doing what it’s supposed to do.


      2. It’s something, that is for sure. That’s it’s a good sign might be debatable. Only time will tell. It could just as easily mean rejection.
        I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but I am a realist. Things are not always what they seem, or what we are told!

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  4. The local hospital did their own version of that on Saturday, where I got mine finally, along with 2000 people. I was excited about getting the J&J shot there, because it works faster with only one shot. Then today I get some news alerts about it on my smartphone… Oh well, apparently the blood clot risk is extremely small….


    1. No one I know who’s gotten Pfizer or Moderna vaccine has gotten the second shot 112 days after the first. You may want to double check your calendar.


      1. You know one Bob.
        In fact all the people here in Quebec have their second dose of Pfizer with that interval.


      2. I’m assuming, then, that Canada is going the route of giving everyone possible ONE vaccination shot, before giving anyone the second.


      3. No Andréa, I think there has to be a waiting period for the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Now we are stuck with lots of AstraZeneca vaccines which people don’t trust that much with the bad publicity on the Internet. They are offering AstraZeneca for younger people which are now more susceptible to COVID-19.


      4. I asked a friend who lives in BC and she, too, has had the first Pfizer shot and has to wait several months for the second. So . . . who knows . . . that is typical of this entire pandemic since day one; misinformation, DISinformation, confusion, graft, and vandalism. I sometimes think that, even with advanced research, technology, communication technology, we’ve not advanced very far – if at all – since the days of the Black Death or the Flu Pandemic of 1917 (yeah, I know it’s called Spanish flu, but for very stupid reasons, so I won’t use that term; it’s akin to calling this one the China virus).

        In any case, I’m still wearin’ my mask and not going out if I don’t have to. Florida is on its way to becoming a hot spot again.

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      5. The important word is “preferably”. Here in Quebec we don’t have that many vaccines so they have to limit who will get it.

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  5. Exactly how I feel . . .

    It is said that ‘tightening up’ your arm makes it more painful later. I didn’t have time to even think about it; the EMT said, ‘This is my first day!’ and by the time he finished the sentence, he was done. I didn’t even have time to react to his statement. I later figured he’s probably said that to every one, every day, just to distract.

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