Roughs, Volume 86

These roughs are from over the past two weeks. There are quite a few of them so that should improve the odds of you liking at least one.


I really wanted to draw this cartoon because drawing crows (better than I’ve drew them here) would have been fun. But I had already done a couple on Georgia’s racist voting law so I moved on. This is from two weeks ago.


This was drawn last week.


This was published last weekend and it was popular with my clients, especially with the alties, and on social media.


This is the cartoon for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.


This was also published last week, but this version didn’t start as the rough. This is where I was going with it…and then I changed gears and drew another subject. When I came back to it, I started over.


This was the cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter from two weeks ago.


I kinda liked this one.


I liked this one too but I was afraid what I was going for would have been lost. It should have been drawn right after the child testified.


I really liked this one. I may go back and do it when it the time seems right.


I nearly drew this but the time got away from me. I can save it for the next time a good guy with a gun is shot and killed by a bad guy with a gun.


I really liked this. I liked the idea. I liked the drawing. But there’s something wrong with it. What is it? It’s a freaking cliff idea. Political cartoons with cliffs (waterfalls count) are being drawn every week. It’s the most over-used cliché in the business and even most cartoonists aren’t aware of it. It’s extremely lazy. It’s so common, I guarantee you will see at least one within the next seven days. I even see the cartoonists I love using cliff ideas. And I will use them too. But, I have a cliff limit and that’s once a year. I remember the one I drew last year and I know it hasn’t been a year yet. No one else would notice, but I would.

Which of these is your favorite?



  1. “I really liked this one. I may go back and do it when it the time seems right.”

    With what happened today in Minneapolis, this seems like the right time. Especially when a police officer supposedly doesn’t know the difference between a gun and a taser. Hell, I’ve never seen a taser IRL, but I’d know the difference when I held either in my hand.

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  2. Loved the crows. All your sketches can make a person think and bust a gut(like the cliff toon) but I loved the first one best this go around.

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  3. Looking at the Jim Crow sketch, if the Democrats can, by effort or by miracle, get the new voter rights act passed, would that be an umbrella to stop the crow turds from hitting the voters? Just a thought.

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