Roughs, Volume 85

I drew a crap ton of roughs last week. Wanna see them? Good. Let’s go.


A few from this batch grew up to become official cartoons. I sat on this idea for a couple of days before going with it. It’s turned out to be popular with my clients.


This is the rough that grew up to become the weekly cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter. This might be my favorite cartoon of the week. Bananas are always funny to me. Also, I bet Putin could kill someone with a banana.


This was my first idea on the Putin/Killer thing but I think I came up with the banana peel gag just as I was finishing it up. I was like, “How do I draw the Kremlin? Wait! I don’t need to draw the Kremlin! I’ll draw bananas!”


I really liked this one and I almost drew it Monday morning. The only thing that held me back is that I already drew one kinda similar last week. I may bring this back.


I started to draw this last Wednesday or Thursday, and then I got another idea. I sat on it for several days but finally finished it on Monday. I was afraid this incident was old news but the San Francisco Examiner ran this cartoon today.


I was taking a few tries on something on anti-Asian violence for CNN. This is something where I don’t know if it’s too much or if it’s OK. Either way, I didn’t love it.


This one, I wasn’t confused over. I knew a lot of people would be upset with it. I wasn’t even serious about making it an official cartoon, publishing it, or good god, sending it to my clients. Then, it grew on me and like I often do, I said, “Fuck those torpedoes” and I went with it. I really dug the rough, so I just went it again and added color. It didn’t change much.


I thought about going with this one too but honestly, I was tired of drawing TVs. I drew two last week.


This one is not very good…or maybe it is. I don’t know. It’s March Madness for racists.


I still like this one. Now I’m wishing I had drawn it.

That’s all of them. Which one is your favorite?

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Watch me draw.



  1. I love the one with the suspect on the tv being that orange faced a$$hole fat jerk non human.. but I also like the racists stomping on the suspect..
    You are so great! Or maybe I’m as messed up as you are. Either way, it’s hard to pick my favorite. Lol


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