Roughs, Volume 71

Hey, kids. I didn’t give you any roughs last week because there weren’t very many and I hadn’t made up my mind yet which ones to use. So, I’ve included that batch with this week’s. We have a few.


This is the only idea I drew out last week that I didn’t use…and I still like it.


I used this one yesterday. I love drawing a brain in a jar…especially if it’s being held up by someone without a brain. Also, Mi lección de español está dando sus frutos.


This was my first shot at it.


I was reaching really hard when I drew this one up.


I used this one for this week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. Honestly, I used the same idea in 2015 or 2016 in a cartoon searching for a moderator for the GOP debates. I go back every now and then and update something. I’ve seen other cartoonists do it too. Don’t believe? Google any cartoonist’s name and “Titanic.” One cartoonist copies and pastes his last drawings, especially caricatures.

I don’t go back and use an old idea very often but I did it twice this week and the first time, someone accused me of stealing it and not from myself. See? I try to write really weird ideas, and then someone uses my weird idea and later when I update it, accuses me of stealing it from him. Sheesh! Did you know John Fogerty was once sued for plagiarizing a song…from himself?


On Friday while still recovering from the coronavirus, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to draw that many roughs before my editor picked one. Nope. I spent all day at the drawing table.


This one sucked so much, I didn’t bother putting anything on the TV.


This was a stretch too. I used Alice in Wonderland for a cartoon a few months ago (I drew the Cheshire Cat) and I’m not ready to use it again…even with the rabbit hole.


Hee Hee.


This one sucked so much, I didn’t bother drawing the supporter players’ faces.


This was just the concept without much effort being put into the headlines. I didn’t really have the energy to go to town with crazy headlines. I’ll probably use the concept in the future.


This was OK.


I didn’t stick the landing in this one.


I may return to this one unless someone beats me to it, which is very possible.


This was for CNN last week and I really like it. I was very happy with it except…I left out Stephen Miller. How could I leave out creepy Stephen Baby Goebbels Miller? I can’t sleep at nights.


I really liked this one too because everyone loves a good bucket joke. I just like saying “bucket.”


So this is the one I did at the start of the week which is a concept I used in 2017. It sounds like I do this a lot but I really don’t. And, it’s the one that brought the accusation of plagiarism. The person who made the accusation apologized publicly and privately the next day and I’m letting it go…but I’m not forgetting.


I liked the witch doctor more than I liked the idea. I’m going to have to bring him back at some point.

So, which of these roughs did you like the best?

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