Roughs, Volume 70

What kind of roughs came out of a week with a presidential election? Well, you already saw the live blog which was pretty rough, but here are a few more.


I was assigned the task of drawing a cartoon contrasting Donald Trump with Joe Biden. This was my first shot.


This was the second.


This was the third.


This was the fourth and I drew it for my newspaper clients.


This is one I also liked very much and might actually be the most fitting for this historic occasion. I drew it for my newspapers.


I loved this idea. I drew it the day after the election while I was still in Washington, and then I had to sit on it for several days waiting for it to run on Sunday because CNN selected it. Yes, I drew two cartoons for this week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.


I could have thrown in a few more dictators. Trump loves dictators.

What are your favorites?

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  1. So on the day that the election
    was called for Biden, there
    were celebrations and dancing
    in the streets in many
    American cities, there were
    fireworks in London, and
    church bells… CHURCH BELLS!!!…
    ringing in Paris.

    I am not aware of any
    other Presidential Election
    being the cause of such
    worldwide celebration,
    but I have seen pictures
    of such celebrations for
    the defeat of Nazi Germany
    and the Japanese Empire.

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