A Peaceful Transfer


For the first time in this election cycle, I’m ready to make a prediction.

In 2016, I predicted Hillary Clinton would win the election. I take small comfort in that there were a lot of other people who made the same prediction and she did win the majority of voters. Where I was wrong was with the electoral college and who would take the White House. As people continue to scream about the polling in 2016, the polling was correct. The results of the election landed in the margin of error. That’s very small comfort as we watched Donald Trump destroy our nation over the past four years.

Now, I’m predicting Donald Trump will lose the popular and electoral college in 2020. But, I’m not predicting he won’t be in the White House in 2021. Donald Trump is going to do everything he can to remain in the White House. Even if he needs the military to surround it to protect him. At the very least, we won’t see him golfing at Mar-a-Lago for a while.

Before, I wasn’t going to commit to a prediction because I was so wrong in 2016. But I changed my mind. Why? I think Donald Trump is going to lose because Donald Trump thinks he’s going to lose. Mitch McConnell thinks he’s going to lose. William Barr thinks he’s going to lose. Russia thinks he’s going to lose. The entire Republican senate thinks he’s going to lose. Fox News thinks he’s going to lose.

Republicans are rushing to install a new Supreme Court Justice because they don’t think they’ll be around next year to do it. Donald Trump has openly stated he wants a new justice so she (it’s a she) can help keep him remain installed after the election. He plans to take whatever happens in the election to the Supreme Court. And since this next justice is already in a cult that believes women are subservient to men, then why won’t she believe she’s to be subservient to the man who put her on the court? Did Coney get the same question as Comey? Did Trump demand her loyalty for the job?

Donald Trump keeps telling us mail-in ballots can’t be trusted. William Barr thinks Donald Trump is going to lose because he keeps saying the same thing. He even had the Justice Department coordinate with the Trump Campaign over news that nine ballots were misplaced in Pennsylvania, and all nine ballots were for Trump. The thing here is, the ballots weren’t all for Trump in a county that Trump won in 2020, they were all military ballots, and there should not have been any announcement on who the ballots were marked for. That is propaganda.

By announcing all nine ballots were for Trump when they weren’t (but even if they were), is trying to give the impression there is fraud against Trump. Somebody getting confused and misplacing them isn’t fraud. There is no evidence of fraud…but the Justice Department is trying to put their thumb on the scale during an election…and it’s not even October yet.

Now, Donald Trump won’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. Why? Because he knows he’s going to lose.

I’m a history buff. I was a history major in college and I can’t remember any president ever refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

Mitch McConnell defended Trump by saying we’ve had peaceful transfers of power since George Washington was reelected. Apparently, Moscow Mitch sucks at history because there is no transfer of power after a president is reelected.

When George H.W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton, he rode in the car with Clinton to the inauguration. Jimmy Carter did it with Ronald Reagan, the man who defeated him. Gerald Bush did it with Carter. Donald Trump is refusing to even commit to that ride. He’s ready for civil war. He’s firing up the base to riot.

My proofreader Laura told me this cartoon is more reporting than a cartoon, other than the sippy cup (which she loved). She’s right.

Donald Trump said there would not be any need for a peaceful transfer because he’s not going anywhere. He said there wouldn’t be any problems if we get rid of the ballots. He didn’t say “mail-in ballots.” He said “ballots.” full stop.

Donald Trump has talked about delaying the election. If we don’t have an election, we won’t need a transfer of power. Basically, the only way Donald Trump is committed to a peaceful transfer is if there’s no transfer. On top of all this, Donald Trump is talking about a third team. Sheesh…wait until after you successfully steal the second term.

Donald Trump wants to be our first dictator. He wants to get rid of democracy. He has the Justice Department doing his bidding. He wants to control the courts and the senate. Moscow, Mitch and Putin, are helping him with this.

Even if you actually like what Donald Trump has done as president, you need to vote against him…unless of course, you actually want to live in a dictatorship. It doesn’t take a history degree to understand that a president trying to destroy an election is trying to build a dictatorship.

Defeating Donald Trump in the election, even by a small margin, should be enough. But it won’t be. We need to defeat Donald Trump by a large margin. We need a landslide. I don’t care if you don’t like Joe Biden. It’s not about him. It’s about us. It’s about getting rid of Trump.

Vote him out now because next time, we may not get a vote.

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  1. I just put up a post that I hope will discourage people from feeling helpless about his “coup.” The military won’t support him. Once he becomes a “loser,” the wheels of justice will start running “bigly.”

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  2. The White House (f/k/a The People’s House) is just that . . . it’s a building. Drumpf built a wall around it, ostensibly to keep him safe from protesters, but in reality, to keep us safe from him. Joe Biden doesn’t need a White House residency . . . it will be more important for him to just FIRE Barr and all the other swamp creatures he put into place; THOSE are the people the military should concentrate on getting out of their offices (there’s gonna be a big rush to purchase paper shredders, I’ll bet). Let drumpf stay in the WH; Biden doesn’t need another place to live, just a mandate to govern.

    IMHO, I think this is all a distraction. Yes, he wants to stay on as president ’cause of what will happen to him once he is out of office, but No, he’s a bully, full of bluster ’til his bluff is called.

    I wonder, does the WH bunker have a lock on the OUTSIDE??

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  3. Just a reminder : The Jeff Daniel’s SHOWTIME 2-part series The Comey Rule part 1 is at 9:00 pm EDT tomorow, Sunday 09/27/2020. Skinny has it that Trump will be watching (what else is new?) and his phone will literally catch fire and melt in his hands while twttering about it. ENJOY

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  4. Don’t forget judges are Lawers and their first concern is their legacy, their immortality. Yes the new lady is a strange candidate, but I don’t believe 9 judges will reach a majority for ending U.S. democracy even with the new character. If they do I’m putting all my money into cyanide pills and I’ll make a fortune.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    My sentiments EXACTLY!! … the LAST guardrail: WE, the people!! … it’s beyond Trump!! … “Defeating Trump in the election, even by a small margin, should be enough. But it won’t be. We need to defeat Trump by a large margin. We need a landslide. I don’t care if you don’t like Joe Biden. It’s not about him. It’s about us. It’s about getting rid of Trump.

    Vote him out now because next time, we may not get a vote.” … take this to heart and to the bank!!

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  6. when you said “I was a history major in college and I can’t remember any president ever refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power”, there’s a pretty good reason for that: Even with the bitterest political enemies in the past, we’ve never had to consider that it wouldn’t happen.

    The quick-switching Dump, on the other hand, can’t be counted on to be straight about anything, and is clearly mad with power. Wonder when the Proud Boys and KKKnuckleheads will be moving into the DC area to be his Trump Troopers to be ready before the election… and through to January.

    This is a damned scary year, and I can only hope the people who usually wouldn’t vote get in there and do it anyway. Create a landslide that he can’t fight. Millions upon millions, so he looks stupid trying to contest it.

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  7. The day after the 2016 election there were hysterical never- Trumpers doing violence to Trump voters. Between them, the media and the Democrat party, the unsubstantiated accusations and outright lies never stopped. Four years of pure spite. So excuse me for asking what you mean about a peaceful transfer? I hope you don’t block my response, but living in a bubble as you do, I can’t imagine that you’re interested in a debate.


    1. “The day after the 2016 election there were hysterical never- Trumpers doing violence to Trump voters. ”

      I would like to see proof of this from a substantiated source, please.


      1. I didn’t see a single assault rifle or gun . . . only the rightwing terrorists use those. We have a right to protest, and believe me, we WILL be out there if needed. I may be 71 years old, but I WILL be out there, somewhere, if this fascist steals the election.


      2. What are you saying? Here are left wing fascist anti Trumpers spitting the dummy 4 years ago. Things are far worse now. New York is Being boarded up. I used to think that sort of violence belonged in third world countries. Seems that we’re not as civilised as we used to be or think we are. And at 71 you’re old enough to remember.


      3. “Here are left wing fascist anti Trumpers ”

        A ‘left-wing fascist’ is as likely to exist as a ‘right-wing socialist’. Before you start throwing around these very potent words, do some research and learn some history.


      4. Let’s start again. You asked to see proof from a substantiated source. I gave you a link to a you tube film clip of violent behaviours straight after the 2016 election. This by people unhappy about the result. They refused to accept it. And you refuse to believe it.

        Those who refused the result last time will no doubt refuse to accept it this time round if Trump wins. In a democracy, it’s ridiculous to protest a win when you can vote a person out four years later. It’s not like a dictatorship where you have no choice. You might have the right to protest, but you and your fellow protestors have no right to do it violently. In my day, we used to say, “beauty is as beauty does” so, there’s no contradiction in terms to call you sour grapers left wing fascist anti Trumpers


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