Roughing It, Volume 55

Time for roughs.CNNrough845

I had this idea a few days before CNN chose it.


I wasn’t thrilled to draw this because I don’t really enjoy drawing monuments. But I think it worked out. I changed it up a bit.


I really liked this idea and drew and published it last Saturday.



I was expecting get a lot of shit over this one.


But it didn’t happen. I changed up the text in the first panel. I wanted to make it meaner.


I knew this was a good idea when the each of the few people who saw it at this stage liked it.


I created a new canvas when I went to draw the cartoon, then I realized I liked the rough. So I kept that and just drew on top of it, thickening lines, touching up this and that, redoing the lettering, stuff like that. I like it when that happens. I left the “nyet” alone.


I think a few of my ideas from the previous week stink. This is one of them.


I thought this was OK.


Yeah, this sucks.


He’s supposed to be dressed like that St. Louis Karen lady. I’m not sure it works.


I think this idea is just acceptable, but it’s not great. I do like the way I drew Trump.


I didn’t finish a word in that second speech balloon. I do that a lot with roughs. I think my editors at CNN have learned to read through those glitches. My editor liked this one.


Some people liked this one.


I don’t think anybody liked this one.


So I drew this last week and I really dug it. I showed it to my “protege” Alexandra and she loved it. So I felt it was good except I had just drawn a similar scene.


But after SCOTUS ruled on Trump’s taxes, I did another version of it. I almost drew this Friday night, but Donald Trump pardoned Roger Stone and I had to go with that. I still plan to draw a cartoon on this subject but I’ve decided on a different idea. Still, I like this one.

Which cartoons are your faves?

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