Roughing It, Volume 54

Kids, It’s time for roughs.


This might have been my favorite cartoon of the week. I was going to send it to my newspaper clients but then thought it might work well for CNN Opinion’s newsletter, so I saved it for them. They said yes.


As you see, it went from just two European stereotypes to four.


I heard this analogy along with a lot of others, but I thought it would make a funny cartoon.


Plus, I like drawing big butts. I can not lie. Some of my clients must like big butts too, at least the alt weekies did. The daily papers who subscribe to me, not so crazy about the big butts.


I kinda liked this one. I considered making it an official cartoon.


I tried a few statue ideas with Trump. I didn’t like any of them.


See? I didn’t like this one.


I thought this had potential. Later, I saw a few other cartoonists do the same concept, so that killed it for me.


Again, I saw some other cartoonists do the same concept. Dead!


That’s supposed to be Mike Pence. See what happened here? My brain gets so busy that I was thinking of “rally” when I was lettering “Trump” for the sign. After the “T,” I went into “Rally” without finishing it…and yeah…I’m surprised I ever get anything done. Funny thing is, I didn’t notice this until way later AFTER I had sent it to my editors at CNN. Bad thing is, I did it again this week. You’ll see that next week.


This one sucks.


This makes me chuckle though I don’t think it’s good enough.


That last ramp idea led to this ramp idea. And when I drew this, I was thinking, “Where’s Dr. Birx been?” And then she came back.


I did like this one and it was a contender. I had planned to draw and send to my clients, but then something else came up to replace it. As usual, I don’t remember what that was. I should take notes.

Which cartoons are your favorites?

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  1. “ Bad thing is, I did it again this week.”

    Sounds like you need a vacation, Clay.
    Bad thing is, we may not survive you taking a few days off, so we’re gonna need to handcuff you to your tools. Sorry. 😉


  2. “SEE NO EVIL”

    It may be a case of Déjà Vu, but it feels like I vaguely remember seeing something very much like this in the past three years (ONLY THREE YEARS??!!… it feels like a LOT longer!!!) done by you or maybe someone else or maybe it just popped into my head some time ago.


  3. I really liked the one with trump trying to find his ball. It’s also beginning to have a sense of timelessness about it…



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