Roughing It, Volume 53

Here are the roughs from the week before that weren’t about the Tulsa rally.


My editor actually came up with this concept based on Donald Trump bragging he taught everyone about Juneteenth. All I had to do was write and draw it.


I thought for sure I’d have to change something but nope. My editor was cool with all of it. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he read it.


I drew a few that I didn’t like at all. This is one of them.


This is another one.


I really wanted to do something with John Bolton just because drawing his mustache is so much fun. Yosemite Sam is also fun to draw but this cartoon wasn’t very good.


I kinda like this one. It’s goofy.


I thought the concept was OK.


Same concept.


I almost drew this one.


And I almost drew this one.


I liked this one too.


One comment

  1. Well the T’s. I have seen them drawn perfectly to show a white swasticker.
    Screw correctly spelling fascist pride words.
    I refuse to give them the satisfaction of correctly spelling their azzhol gnatsee words.

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