Roughing It, Volume 42

Guess what. I drew very few roughs last week. How many? Only four. I really liked that because often, after I draw a ton of roughs, I’m kinda burned out when it’s time to draw the actual cartoon.


This was the very first rough I drew last week which ended up being used by CNN.


I really liked the rough so I didn’t draw it again because I liked the way the perspective of the car worked out. So I kept that and changed all the people and added Dr. Fauci.  I was happy to draw it for CNN.


This was OK, but I saw too many people do similar cartoons. It’s one thing to do a cartoon then see there are others with the same idea, but there are some cartoonists out there that will get an idea, start drawing it, see that someone else has done it, but go ahead and finish and publish their version anyway. I don’t get that.

Matt Davies once called to tell me he threw out an idea after he saw I beat him to the punch with the same idea. That’s the ethical thing to do…even though he probably would have done a better version than mine. While I don’t like having the same idea as another cartoonist because it might mean the idea was obvious, I’m flattered to have the same idea with someone whom I’m a fan of.

A lot of times, I won’t do an idea because I expect someone else will do it. A lot of cartoonists will refrain while others will rush to beat the competition with the same idea. To me, what’s the point of being the first to suck?

And then there are those cartoonists who will outright steal your shit.


I liked this concept. I find it funny that Trumplicans are backing him in taking states’ rights away.


I liked this one too but I thought it took too much work for the reader to get it. And Trump supporters, they wouldn’t know that Trump paid off porn stars and with dummy corporations in Delaware. Probably because they’re dummies.

There weren’t many but tell me your faves.

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  1. I liked the “Relief Checks”, but it was a bit confusing because it appeared that the porn star was wearing glasses, which is not the expected look for a porn star (unless she was a “Naughty Librarian”).


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