Roughing It, Volume 41

I drew a LOT of roughs the week before last. A few of them turned into real cartoons. Let’s take a look.


This rough turned into last week’s cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter.


I like the way it turned out.


This is another one I completed.


This one got a lot of comments and a couple of people ordered prints of it.


I wasn’t in love with this cartoon but I felt I needed to document that Joe Biden was now the Democratic Party’s nominee.


It started a debate among Democrats and liberals. I went back to look at the last unicorn I drew and copied a lot of it for this one.


Screw Ron DeSantis.


He’s in the running for worst governor in the United States. I’m not sure which is more fun to draw, sharks or making Republicans look like idiots.


I liked this one but a lot of readers at GoComics didn’t get it.


I got over it. I didn’t even realize the banana had a double-meaning for this cartoon until Laura, one of my proofreaders mentioned it. I just think bananas are funny.


This is the rough that turned into my most recent animation. I didn’t think of making it an animation until I pulled it back up to create a cartoon from it.


This was obvious. After I roughed it out, I saw several other cartoonists use the same idea.


This just didn’t sell it to me.


This was a couple days before Easter. Meh.


I kinda liked this one.


Looking back at this one, damn. I should have done it.




This was OK.


I didn’t think it worked…or it was going to need some more work to work.


This was OK and a subject that I should return to.


I started this one then changed my mind and drew the unicorn idea.

CNNrough704I might still draw this one.

Which ones are your favorites?

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  1. “ I’m not sure which is more fun to draw, sharks or making Republicans look like idiots.”

    Not sure about “fun to draw”, but I’m guessing that “making Republicans look like idiots” is waaaay easier than anything else, because they do all the work for you.


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