Roughing It, Volume 22

I only drew nine roughs last week.


I gave this cartoon to CNN for their weekly opinion newsletter. I really liked the giant phone because it makes Trump appear more childish…if that’s possible.


I drew this one for my newspaper clients. I’ve drawn the Nixon tattoo on Roger Stone’s back before. I have to admit, I really like doing it. Each time, someone asks me if it’s true he has that tattoo. Yes. He really does have that tattoo.


I drew this for my newspapers. I changed it up some. Usually when I draw Boris Badenov and one of the Spy Vs. Spy spies, I feel guilty for being lazy and taking the easy way out. But I didn’t care this time. I liked it too much.


I almost did a variation of this for my clients. I planned on making some changes, and I actually started working on it but changed direction into a different topic. I may bring it back.


I don’t like this one at all.


Meh. Maybe I should have put Boris Badenov and one of the Spy Vs. Spy guys.


I don’t like this idea but I do think I should have made it around to doing a cartoon on Colin Kaepernick. This was the first idea I had after reading about his (at that time) upcoming workout. It’s not the angle I should use. I may still get around to it depending on how news unfolds this week.


I got a couple Thanksgiving ideas in though I didn’t finish either of them.


I did a cartoon very similar to this a few years ago. I didn’t really have any plans on doing this one unless it was requested by an editor. It wasn’t. Though, I bet a lot of my clients would like it.

Which cartoons were your favorites?

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  1. I really really really hoped the TrumpBaby balloon would be in the Macy’s Parade; now it appears that the entire event may be cancelled, due to wind gusts, so we’ll never know. Might’ve been a good trick to sneak it in; even if it and the handlers were thrown out, there’d’ve been a lot of publicity.

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