Roughing It, Volume 19

Here are the roughs I submitted for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.


This was the cartoon we went with. I changed it up a bit for the final version. Rich, my editor, said, “you just had to include a “covfefe,” didn’t you?” Yes, I did. I threw that in for the final version, but I did send it in a non-final version so there weren’t any surprises. This cartoon was my favorite of the bunch.


I threw a few Halloween themes at them as it was our last opportunity of the year to do one. I didn’t like this one though.


I thought this was OK. Rich suggested I do the meltdown stuff which got me to create the Covfefe Pumpkins cartoon.


I did a better cartoon on this subject for my newspaper clients.


I did this one for my newspapers. I changed Lindsey’s text.


I liked this one but I knew CNN wouldn’t go for it. It made my girlfriend say “Yikes.”


I kinda liked this one.


I really liked this idea early in the week but by the time I drew it for CNN, I didn’t see it working anymore. Some things work better in my head and after they’re on paper, I see they’re not really that good.


Maybe next year.


I liked this one.


I liked this idea until I saw meme creators coming up with it.


I liked this one and almost did it for my newspapers, but my CNN editor didn’t love it and neither did Amanda. I let it slip away. I’m kinda surprised another cartoonist didn’t do it.


This one is my second favorite. I almost did it for my newspapers but I allowed other issues to overtake it.

I drew a lot more roughs this week, so when I post them next week, expect to see a lot. Warning: Most of them stink.

Which of these are your favorites?

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