Get Over It


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Mick Mulvaney went on Fox News Sunday and tried to “clarify” his quid pro quo comments to Chris Wallace. He blamed reporters for misunderstanding and misrepresenting his words. Unfortunately for him, Wallace played the tape.

Last Thursday, when told what he was describing was a “quid pro quo,” by a reporter, Mulvaney said it’s done “all the time,” and that we need to get over it. What Mulvaney was saying is, the Trump administration is corrupt. Get over it.

Donald Trump is going to be impeached, but he’ll probably impeach Mulvaney before that happens. Former chief-of-staff for Obama, Rahm Emanuel publicly advised Mulvaney, “Get yourself a lawyer, and do it fast.”

Trump had a hard time filling the chief-of-staff job after John Kelly quit, and Mulvaney only took it in an “acting” capacity. It’s a job nobody wants because smart people know that working for Trump means you’ll need a lawyer and you may still end up in prison…especially if you’re stupid.

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  1. Don’t you hate it when you try to say something, but it comes out just the opposite. Like when you call your wife Luwanda instead of Barb in the throes of passion. You just can’t take it back, can you?

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