Roughing It, Volume 17

Here are several roughs I pitched for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. A few later grew up to become real live cartoons.


This is the cartoon we went with which was also the last I pitched. I started on Thursday afternoon and this was sent early Friday afternoon. I think we picked the right one.


This was the first. Usually, when I send something like this, I tell the editors that I’m still working on the text. I’ll add and delete as I keep writing. My writing technique involves pacing while thinking of weird stuff.


I thought this was OK. I think I heard someone else make this joke after I sketched this up.


This is another I’d keep writing on if I did it…and I still may. I like it.


I made this an official cartoon for my clients. I really liked the dog concept with Rudy’s teeth.


I don’t like this one but it’s the kind of thing I’ll push out for myself as it’ll force my brain to do something better. People ask, “How do you get your ideas?” I start with bad ideas.


The writing journey continued with this one.


This is just funny to me but it probably isn’t good enough.


Looking back at this one now, where was my head? I liked the concept of Rudy as a gargoyle but I don’t think it worked at all. There’s probably a great Rudy gargoyle idea buried underneath all the other thoughts in my brain about politics and tacos.


Meh, this was OK.


My editor really liked this but we were going for something on Rudy. Obviously, I really like it too as I drew it for my clients. I probably like it too much.

What are your faves?

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One comment

  1. I liked “didn’t rake the forests” and the great pumpkin. You do good work Mr. Jones. I am glad you explained where great ideas come from. Sometimes they spontaneously erupt, but usually one must kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince.


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