Roughing It, Volume 16

More impeachment stuff for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. I think I only sent about ten cartoons. Funny thing. After the fifth cartoon, my editor quit for the night and said we’d decide the next morning. He thought the five were really good and we should pick from those. I kept getting ideas and continued to send them. And, he did pick from the first five.


This is what we went with and I really like it. Amanda, the girlfriend, found it interesting that the week after I drew JFK, I draw Nixon. I didn’t even notice that. This was the second idea I sent to my editor.


I really liked this at the moment, but I’m not crazy about it now. And, I don’t mind pineapple on pizza. I mean, I’m not going to order it but if you’re sharing pizza with pineapple on it, I’ll take a slice…as long as it’s NOT Domino’s. Ugh.


I would have drawn this cartoon for my clients if I hadn’t just covered the subject. Copy editor Laura really liked it and she has great judgement 99.99% of the time. She didn’t get the pineapple cartoon.


This was after the victim’s brother hugged the white female police officer who shot and killed him after she mistakenly walked into his apartment. It probably doesn’t work. I think the only black person Trump has ever hugged is Kanye.


You know…Watergate…Deep Throat…parking garage. Never mind.


I like this one too. I should have drawn it.


And I like this one too. I almost drew it but other shit kept happening.


I was going to draw this after Greta won the Nobel. Dammit. This was the first idea sent to my editor.

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  1. Great stuff…I like the “got any dirt on the Bidens”…that is a really good one! Dont forget to call the ‘Spectator’ do cartoons for them…and your write ups to! Hell, they should be calling YOU!!!! This is your reminder Karen

    Karen Raffa & Greg Krenik 2.8 km North of the Bridge Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico. 77940 817 400-4965 house 817 602-2411 cell


    Liked by 1 person


    Actually I liked all of them except the pineapple pizza and the victim’s brother hug, but seeing this one made me realize that the Real Reason 45* Pulled Our Troops Out Of Syria Was That Our Kurdish Allies Couldn’t Dig Up Any Dirt On The Bidens.


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