Roughing It, Volume 8

I haven’t posted roughs in a couple of weeks, mostly because I was a bit overwhelmed with how many there are. But, I’m going to work around that and not post each of them. I’m just going to post the ones I think pose some interest. There are a lot of duds.

Most of these are from two weeks of submitting ideas to CNN Opinion for their weekly newsletter and the subject for both weeks was the Democratic Debate. Here we go.


This one was pretty bad but it amused me for a minute.


My editor really liked this one but he thought it was a bit disgusting. His standards are way higher than mine. But, it sent me in a direction to focus on Biden and his preparations for the debate.


We almost went with this one. I was just OK with it.


It amused me.


I fought for this one but I was a bit perplexed. Was this being rude or overly nice?


You see where we were going with this and I kept striking out.


I think I liked this one just because of the way all the “Obamas” were laid out in the first panel.


Different subject. I liked it.


I liked the point in this.


I liked where this was going but I was concerned Trump’s blaming of Obama for the White House air conditioning wasn’t known well enough. In case you don’t know, yes he did that.

The next week, we focused on guns and mass shootings.


That’s Mitch McConnell carrying out the NRA. Sometimes my roughs are very rough.




I did something in the same vein for my syndication and website. If you read me daily, you saw. I actually liked this one better.


This is one I think is good, but an idea another cartoonist might draw, or has already drawn.


I thought we might go with this one.


I was wondering, how can I shop for a bulletproof backpack without getting shot while doing it?

I left a bunch out because it would take you all day to read them. Which one is your favorite or do you think they all suck? I won’t be insulted if you think they do.

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  1. Hit the nail squarely – Little Mitch carrying the NRA out of the Town Hall Gun Debate! So appropriate – Enjoyed and understood almost all of them. That’s why I also want to see your commentary. The “sniffing Biden” made me uncomfortable – ewwww – Thanks for sharing them all.

    Liked by 1 person

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