Hate Is Not A Game


The cartoon I published this morning criticizing white terrorism was initially blocked by Facebook, citing it violated their “community standards.” I thought, if that violates your standards then you need to reevaluate your standards. I submitted it for a review and Facebook unblocked and apologized for the ban.

What I suspect happened was, a Trump supporter or white supremacist (I know, redundant) reported it and Facebook removed it without really analyzing it.

So, with that said, I didn’t get in trouble or land in Facebook jail. But, let’s see what happens with this one.

I want to thank everyone today who were outraged at the ban and shared the cartoon and left comments. I’ve received so many notifications that I haven’t been able to check them all out yet. If I had, I wouldn’t have gotten anything else done today, less enough a bonus cartoon for you.

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You can purchase a signed print of this cartoon.

Watch me draw.


  1. In Chicago this past weekend 8 killed 47 wounded and there’s complete silence. The klan only exists in leftists minds. Democrat ruled cities always have denizens that are hopeless and hateful.


    1. Do you even live anywhere near Chicago? It’s hardly silent here.

      i don’t know what country you’re from, but the klan exists and has klaverns in many cities and throughout this country. Remember David Duke, that big fan of the Resident*?


      And “hopeless and hateful” “denizens”. are not unique to “democrat ruled” cities.

      Oh, please…

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      1. David Duke is obvious paid opposition, democrat to his core.

        Duhh Chicago talks about its crime.


      2. Wow.



        Guess you told me, eh?

        Please post the name and address of your pharmacy.so we can all sample those meds you’re on.

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      3. What’s funny is I don’t know anything about stupidass David Duke, but just checked out wikipedia, take that as you will, and the guy ran for president under…..wait for it……come on…..a democrat. Hahahaha It might be a little conspiratorial or whatever, but I do think he gets checks from the DNC to be an opposition destroyer by giving his hateful endorsement. I’m not on meds.


      4. Sure, in 1988 as a democrat, and four years later as a republican. “Turned” republican in ’96 for a the Senate race, republican ever since. For Duke, party affiliation seems to be a flag of convenience sort of thing, so i put no stock in it. What is not in dispute are his KKK credentials. So if you really really believe that he’s on the DNC’s dole, i need to ask if you also check for communists under your bed at night, believe in alien abductions, or that the Rothschilds & the British Royal family is in cahoots with the Masons to rule the world?

        If so, maybe you should be on meds.

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      5. Nope, I don’t believe we have been visited by aliens. Modern day commies are pathetic, I’m not scared of them and they’re pretty obvious to spot anyways. I’m a 30 year old and when I was 18 the free mason conspiracy was pretty big, I wish I apprenticed as a brick mason, I love the way brick looks… I don’t really think they’re controlling anything.

        The aliens thing is so weird, first ever since everyone has gotten a camera in their pocket there hasn’t been anything and second I hate when people say we are too dumb for aliens to interact with us. Our music, well not modern music, but our music is awesome and no one is too smart for good music. New Tool song came out today!

        Talking about conspiracy theories….aren’t you embarrassed about the most convoluted conspiracy theory of all time, the Trump/Russia collusion? Hahaha No one talks about that anymore and it’s on to the next way to smear trump…’he’s a racist!’……


      6. So Mike,

        It seemed like your response to my ‘David Duke is paid opposition’ theory was one of great suspicion, well you thought I was crazy…but the fact that his initial inclination was for the democrat party then he “switched” sides, although doesn’t prove my point, but it doesn’t contradict my point either. Not everything is the way it seems, most things are, but not everything. Isn’t it funny the worldview that I’ve cultivated, allowed me to see something we both didn’t know? I’m guessing you didn’t know DD ran as a democrat initially, I didn’t either.

        Instead of thinking every right winger is some loon, maybe hear some of us out.

        Have a good one!


      7. No Herm, i don’t believe every right-winger is a nutjob, but most i’ve met are at best misguided.
        i’d warrant that there are nutjobs all over the political spectrum, many if not most of whom really don’t fit any particular pigeonhole 100% of the time.
        But as i’ve previously stated, i hold a minority view.

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  2. 45 can try and backtrack, blame everyone and everything for the rise of white supremacy coming out from under rocks and the woodwork and the bloodletting; his rallies and tweets speak for themselves. He offered gasoline AND the match. I hope the shit train ride to the White House was worth it for him and his enablers.

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