Roughing It, Volume 5

For last week’s newsletter, I eventually submitted eighteen roughly drawn cartoons. I spent that Thursday as I typically do, throwing ideas at my editor but we had to throw everything away on Friday morning and start over. Why? Alexander Acosta resigned. Yes. That was a week ago. Seems longer now, doesn’t it?


This was drawn Thursday before Acosta resigned Friday morning (if you’re a Republican, Thursday is before Friday). I didn’t love it.


Again, before the resignation. I kinda liked this one though it didn’t set me on fire.


Acosta was not the only subject we were mining…until he resigned. I liked where this was going but I don’t think this cartoon captured what I was trying to get to. Mostly, I wanted to make fun of white male Trump supporters who really hate the U.S. women’s Soccer Team.


Meh. This was OK. I’ve done something similar to it in the past. CNNrough187

I thought this was OK too. I felt this was too easy and the type of cartoon other cartoonists would be real quick to draw if they thought of it. In fact, someone may have drawn this.


I almost did this for my syndication and then realized I didn’t like it that much. I threw it at CNN just to see if they liked it. I don’t think they did.


I liked this one. It was also drawn before the resignation.


I liked this one too. I probably could have added a lot more names to his list.


I went back and threw another at them on the soccer team. I liked this one much better and I almost drew it last week…until Trump started racist tweeting.


I have no idea where this one came from. But it later made me go down internet wormholes on the making of that old commercial.


This is really similar to a cartoon I drew last year or the year before.


Then, CNN picked this one. They really liked it. My editor wanted to wait until Friday morning to make the selection definite. On Friday morning, they still wanted it but asked if I could do it without the Kool-Aid guy. I was like, what? The Kool-Aid guy is the cartoon. But I tried to do something without him.


Yeah, I just wasn’t in love with it if it didn’t have the Kool-Aid guy. I thought, damn. I’m gonna have to fight for the Kool-Aid guy. And then Acosta resigned and, nope. I wasn’t gonna have to fight for the Kool-Aid guy. It was time to throw everything away.


I’m not too crazy about these kinds of analogies. They’re so typical of political cartoons.


I really liked this one and later drew it for my syndication. Jim Acosta later tweeted it and didn’t tag me, which was a shame because his tweet got about a million retweets.


R. Kelly also made news that Friday morning and I almost went with this for my syndication. What made me pick the Jim Acosta cartoon over the Kelly idea is that I felt the issue addressed in the Jim Acosta cartoon was much more important. But, this one may have been funnier. It did stick “I believe I can fly” in my head for the rest of the day.


As soon as I sent this one, my editor said, “That’s it!” It was.

One my editor liked before he fell in love with the Kool-Aid cartoon without the Kool-Aid was my meat cartoon.


I really liked it too and ended up doing it for my newspapers Thursday night. This was just a fun cartoon to draw. Last week, another cartoonist used the same imagery. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

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