Kick Like A Girl


The Women’s U.S. soccer team won the World Cup after beating the Netherlands (if you’re a Republican, that’s “Netherlands,” not “nether regions”) Sunday in France by a score of 2-0 (if you’re a  Republican, two is more than zero). Viewership for the match was one of the highest rated in American history, besting the men’s 2018 tournament by 20%. The total audience for the tournament could exceed one billion.

So, should the women make as much money as the men’s team? Yes! The women have filed a gender-discrimination suit. The lawsuit claims that if the women’s team won 20 non-tournament games a year, the top women’s players would earn just 38 cents on the dollar compared with the men’s team. Male World Cup players are entitled to $679,321 per player for advancing to the knockout round of the tournament, compared to just $90,000 for the women.

After Sunday’s game, the crowd chanted, “Equal pay!”

The U.S. Soccer Federation could fix the situation without the courts by simply giving the women a raise that matches the men’s salary. Or, perhaps they should pay them more.

The Women’s National Team jersey is the best-selling Nike soccer jersey ever. The women have brought in more revenue than the men for the past three years. From 2016 to 2018, the women raised $50.0 million in revenue. The men brought in $49.9 million. In case you’re a Republican, 50 is great than 49.

It’s not just ridiculous that the women make less while generating more revenue. It’s absurd we even have to have this fight.

A lot of conservatives have given the impression they were rooting against America’s women after their star player, Megan Rapinoe said she’d refuse a visit to Trump’s White House.” It’s a good thing for Republicans the women weren’t facing Russia in the final or their loyalty may have been revealed. Fox News host Jesse Watters even argued they don’t deserve equal pay for being unpatriotic by disparaging Donald Trump. In case you’re a Republican, Donald Trump is not America.

Pay them.

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  1. I think you meant 50 is greater than 49 in your fifth paragraph, but come on, 50.0 compared to 49.9? It’s pretty much equal.

    Pretty much your laziest crowd scene of all time.


  2. Tons of support for the women’s World Cup victory over here at LoL maybe that’s why they don’t get paid the same….


  3. The women should definitely get equal pay. Maybe more considering their outstanding performance! And so what if they don’t want to accept Trump’s invitation to the White House? That’s their choice and part of what it is to be American is having the choice to accept an invite or not. I’m sure Trump isn’t the first president to get turned down.

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