Happy Costa Rica Trolling


This cartoon first ran in The Costa Rica Star, April 12, 2019.

I’m taking a break from drawing for the Star so this will be my last for the publication for the foreseeable future.

I just now noticed I forgot to erase inside the woman’s eyes.

Be Complicit

What kind of person would want to be part of something that disparages, slanders, and disrespects Dear Leader and his sycophantic followers? Hopefully, you. 
Making a contribution supports my work and keeps the cartoons, columns, and videos coming. My income is from newspapers that subscribe to my work and small contributors. George Soros hasn’t sent me a million dollar check in weeks. Making a contribution of any amount, or buying a print for $40.00, makes you part of this specific resistance, and a member of Team Claytoonz (we’re still working on the name). You are complicit, an accomplice, and in cahoots (and whatever gangster terms we can think of) with this political satire pointing out that the stupid emperor has no clothes. Contributions can be made through PayPal, checks, and wads of cash exchanged in back alleys.
Whether you can help support, can’t, or just choose not to, please continue to enjoy and keep reading my work. Thank you!!! 

You can purchase a signed print of this cartoon.

Watch the video.


  1. I’ll miss the Costa Rica cartoons. If I recall correctly, you haven’t actually been to Costa Rica…? It’s a beautiful country, and I hope you get the chance to visit soon. But don’t rent a car and drive yourself– it’s not just on social media (if there; I wouldn’t know) that the Ticos go crazy. Everyone in our minibus almost died on a mountain road when an oncoming driver tried to pass on a blind curve. In person, they’re nearly all lovely people. Go visit the Ticos and the quetzals and the coatis and the sloths and the hummingbirds and the occasional volcano.

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