Plaid Shirt Guy


By now, you’ve heard of Plaid Shirt Guy. Tyler Linfesty is a high school senior in Billings, Montana. He got prime seating behind Trump at his rally earlier this week, yet he’s not a supporter.

Plaid Shirt Guy was seen raising his eyebrows, grimacing, shaking his head, and at one point, widened his eyes in confusion and mouthed, “what?”

The Trump propaganda machine noticed that the kid could be seen on camera and apparently hadn’t drunk the Kool-Aid. They immediately sent a staffer to remove him from his seat and take his place (which proves the Trump campaign does pay people to cheer at his rallies).

The images of the kid went viral, and he became an internet sensation and even a hero to many.

The 17-year-old identifies as a social democrat. He and some friends wanted to see an American president in the flesh, and unfortunately for them, they got Donald Trump. I’ve seen it too, but in that instance, I removed myself from the rally.

After signing up for the rally, Linfesty said he was notified that he was selected for V.I.P. status, which meant that he would get to meet Trump and have access to premier seating. He said organizers instructed them to clap and cheer, but he couldn’t for comments he didn’t support or agree with. He didn’t realize he was so visible until friends texted him during the speech.

After being yanked, his friends were replaced too. From there, the Secret Service checked his identification and eventually told him to leave and to never come back.

My favorite thing about Mr. Linfesty is that he’s turning 18 next month and will vote in November.

Linfesty, who now has over 37,000 followers on Twitter (I’m jealous) tweeted yesterday, “is not about me. It’s about people not standing in the background letting our leadership say whatever the hell they want and getting away with it. For too long our incompetent, corrupt leaders have gone unchecked. Let’s change that.”

This 17-year-old has more sense than adults who voted for and still support Trump. He’s too smart to fall for the conman. He also knows that to make real change and to improve the country, you need to vote.

Now, he’s my hero too. Reading about so many 18-year-old voters who will be voting for the first time, now that’s something to scream for.

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  1. Yes. What a great kid. I mean, great young adult. Sorry to say that since I cannot stand to look at the dotard for very long, I missed the key facial expressions that Tyler got away with.
    But really, what Tyler really did was to make the dotard look extremely bad to the whole world by doing what Tyler did at dump’s rally and then dump’s own people made dump look even worse by going up there in front of the cameras while the dotard was squawking and moving Tyler out from behind the squawking dotard.
    Remember the efforts of March For Our Lives and how they might very well put a stop to the madness of dump and the russian-republicans with their critical votes.
    Thanks Tyler. Thanks also to the students who started MFOL.

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