Impeach The Chaos


Donald Trump gave an interview in the safe confines of Fox & Friends with Ainsley Earhardt (who thinks we defeated “communist” Japan in World War 2) where he argued against his impeachment.

It’s funny that Trump is talking about impeachment because it makes it a much more likely event than if only Democrats were the ones talking about it. Yet, he believes we can’t do without his great mind.

Trump said if he gets impeached, the market will crash and everybody will be very poor. I know the rich have gotten richer since Trump became president, but I don’t think the poor have climbed up very much. The economy’s upward trend has continued from Obama’s presidency, which Trump is riding and taking credit for. But, wages aren’t going up.

As for the markets crashing, I doubt it. If investors didn’t freak out, panic, and jump off tall buildings after his election (which would have been totally understandable), then I think they’ll weather his impeachment just fine. By the way, what do Trump’s statements say about his confidence in Mike Pence? Does he feel the same way about Pence as I do? I guess I’m not alone in lacking confidence in a gay-bashing, religious freak who calls his wife “Mother.”

Trump, while pointing at his skull, said, “I think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking, you would see — you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe in.”

Is that the same thinking that thinks HPV and HIV are the same things, Canada burned down the White House, China created Climate Change, you get carded for shopping at grocery stores, Frederick Douglas is still alive, Obama was born in Kenya, and from coloring with school children we just learned that he believes the stripes in our flag are blue. Hell, Trump thinks the iconic line in Apocalypse Now is, “I love the smell of Agent Orange in the morning,” which he argued with veterans.

My favorite part of Trump’s statement is, “I don’t know how you can impeach somebody who has done a great job.” That’s not relevant for two reasons.

The first reason is; if the president is a lawbreaker then his job performance isn’t a factor (though polls may sway Congress, which they did for Republicans against Nixon and Democrats for Clinton). I don’t know how you can not impeach a president if he broke the law, ordered others to break the law, engaged in a conspiracy with a hostile foreign power, and paid foreign hackers to meddle in our election (which is now being looked at). Breaking the law in addition to cheating to win the election makes the president a fraud and illegitimate.

The second reason the president doing a good job is not relevant in this situation is that Trump is not doing a good job. Just because you tell everyone you are doesn’t make it so. It’s like telling people you’re their favorite president doesn’t actually make you their favorite president.

Richard Nixon was doing a good job with the economy, and he was still forced to resign. Nixon half as crooked as Trump, and not nearly as stupid. Basically, Trump is running America about as well as he ran his casinos, except now he has nuclear weapons. We have given the codes to a guy who can’t operate a speakerphone.

Another concern I have with Trump’s statement that we can’t do without him is; does he not plan to ever leave? He’s joked about being president for life, but was he really joking?

Trump, being unaware there was a United States before he was president, believes we can’t do without him. It is an interesting theory, and one I think we should put to the test.

I’m willing to gamble on it. Let’s find out how much we’re worse off without Trump. It’ll be like the drunk guy you kick out of your party for peeing in the punch bowl, and he believes everyone’s going to miss him. In this case, the only people who will miss Trump are the ones who enjoy the taste of pee in their Kool-Aid.

I have more faith in America than Donald Trump does. We can survive without him and even thrive. What I don’t have faith in is Donald Trump.

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