Hating By The Slice


The best thing I can say about Papa John’s pizza is that it’s better than Domino’s. But, I can also say that when they deliver pizzas, at least they’re not dragging black people behind their cars.

Where in the hell did I get that from? I’m thinking that has to be the point Papa John himself, John Schnatter was making when he said, that where he grew up people used to kill black people by dragging them behind trucks.

Schnatter got in trouble last November when he complained that black NFL players protesting during the national anthem were hurting his pizza sales. After his comments were praised by white supremacists, the NFL severed their sponsorship deal with Papa, and he was forced to step down as CEO from the company he founded in a broom closet in his father’s tavern (there’s nothing in my broom closet except a broom).

Schnatter is a supporter of Donald Trump (shocking) and once complained that Obamacare could raise the price of his pizzas up to 14 cents per pie. Corporate America would rather you die from cancer than be forced to pay two cents more for a slice of pizza.

Because of Papa’s comments on the NFL protests, he had to participate in sensitivity training by a marketing agency, which was conducted through conference calls. It was during one of these sensitivity training sessions where Papa dropped an N-bomb. Seriously. That’s like saying “nice rack” during a sexual harassment seminar. I’m thinking he didn’t get a certificate that day for successfully completing the program.

During that call, he was asked how he would distance himself from racist groups online. For some reason, his answer was that “Colonel Sanders called blacks n——-s,” and Kentucky Fried Chicken never got in trouble for it. That sounds like the I’m-not-a-racist defense one would find on an online racist group.

I don’t know if the racist comment by the Colonel is true, but even if it is, are we talking about five decades ago? Also, what point is he making? And then, he continued with the statement about black people being killed by being dragged behind trucks. Maybe he was trying to impress the sensitivity person by pointing out that he has never killed a black person, at least not by dragging them behind a truck.

What Papa ate after that was not pizza. He had to step down from the board of trustees at the University of Louisville and resigned as chairman of the board of Papa John’s. Major League Baseball indefinitely suspended its Papa Slam promotion where fans get discounts after grand slam home runs. Then, Papa John’s Pizza shares tanked by nearly five percent on Wednesday, wiping out $96.2 million in market value, which proves Donald Trump isn’t the only executive who can wipe out the stock market with a racist comment.

The stadium at Louisville is still named after Papa John’s, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Papa issued a statement confirming the comments and apologizing. It read, “News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true. Regardless of the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society.”

Racism doesn’t have a place in our society, and I don’t want it on my pizza either.

Watch me draw.

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  1. I’m surprised he didn’t claim “fake news.”

    Admitting to being a racist doesn’t make you any better as a human being. I hope they remove his ugly mug from all the commercials & make him a silent participant. Emphasis on “silent”.

    Liked by 1 person

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