Womp My Gorilla


Is there a race to the bottom among Trump, members of his administration, his family, and supporters? It sure seems that way.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was giddy a few weeks ago when he announced the child-separation and traumatization policy of the Trump administration. Last week, he quoted Bible verses, that were also used in the 1800s to justify slavery, in justifying the Trump policy. Yesterday, he said separating children from their parents was never the intention of the policy, even though he previously described it as the cornerstone of the agenda.

Trump adviser Stephen Miller crafted the policy because he believes its red meat for the base, plus he’s a white supremacist fanboy. Director of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said the policy wasn’t created by Trump, it didn’t exist, and that Trump couldn’t fix it, and then stood behind him as he signed an order ending it, and she got to keep the pen. Miller and Nielsen both thought it’d be a great idea to visit Mexican restaurants during this humanitarian crisis, which is either sheer stupidity or adding insult to injury. We hate your people but give us fajitas.

Trump lied about the policy over and over, claimed it was created by Democrats (it wasn’t), that the law requires families to be separated (it doesn’t do that either), and that he couldn’t fix it on his own without Congress, and then he signed an order fixing it on his own without Congress. To cover up his week of lying and caving, he went to one of his hate rallies, bashed Democrats for “putting illegal aliens before Americans,” and said the next day that Mexico is “doing nothing except taking our money and sending us drugs.” Previously, he ranted about our other neighbor, Canada, buying our shoes, scuffing them up and reselling them or something. It was hard to understand.

His supporters on Fox News can’t be left out. Laura Ingraham compared the detention centers to summer camps. Ann Coulter accused the children of being child actors. Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends said many of the children become MS-13. Tucker Carlson said those speaking against the policy don’t really care about the children.

Even Melania became a contender in the race to the bottom. How is that possible? She doesn’t ever do anything and First Ladies are universally loved unless they’re black. But, Melania went to Texas on Thursday to visit a detention center while wearing a $40 jacket with a message written across the back saying, “I really don’t care. Do you?” People were shocked at the stupid optics of it, and that she wore such an inexpensive jacket. Her spokesperson said there was no message to it, despite there being a literal message on the coat. Trump later tweeted debunking that explanation by saying it was Melania’s way of telling the media she doesn’t care what they say.

Trump calls the media every day to tell them how little he cares.

Many of the people at Trump’s Duluth rally believe the crisis is “fake news,” and that photos of children in cages have been manipulated in Photoshop. Others just say they don’t care about children.

Perhaps the most horrible of the week was Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager and guy who grabs people at campaign rallies only to lie about it later.

During a debate on Fox News, Lewandowski was debating Democratic strategist Zac Petkanas. The Democrat mentioned a 10-year-old with Downs Syndrome being taken from her mother, and Lewandowski interrupted with “womp womp,” the sad trombone sound effect for a comedic failure. Lewandowski refused to apologize for his trombone mouth, and later said he was mocking Petkanas and the media, not the child. Of course, nobody believes him because he’s Corey Lewandowski, and he himself is a comedic failure of a human being.

A speakers bureau has now dropped Corey for his comment. On that sad note, I believe I can speak for all of us when I say, “womp womp!”

Watch me draw.

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  1. You got me laughing again! I’m glad you put all this in one post. It’ll help me keep track of everything. There was just so much this week! I really loved how the rest of the customers at the Mexican restaurant shouted at Jensen!

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  2. You have written enough to put together a large book. If you go back and pick out the cartoons that aged well and use your blog posts, you will have a book people would buy. I would not buy the paper one but would buy the ebook.
    I didn’t know that Koko was still alive until yesterday. When are the genetically modified apes going to be revealed ?
    Most people had little knowledge of Corey. I have a co-worker that doesn’t read the internet. He watches a news show out if Albuquerque . He listens to Fox radio news. He doesn’t know who Mueller is.

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    1. People have been bugging me to do a new book. The previous book will be for sale soon at this site. It will be an ebook because it’ll be big. I’m not sure about including blog posts, but maybe. That’s so much work. Ugh. Work work work work.

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      1. You are already working. The book may generate some serious coin. If for nothing else it will give some history to this period. I am optimistic we will avoid WW III. There should be people around to read books, why not make some money. I will figure out how to get Manafort a copy.

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    2. I’ve been thinking about and plan to research how to make an ebook. I’ve had a couple of small discussions with people. The work will be going through the columns and selecting. I may have to bring in an editor and give him/her a percentage. Maybe our daily copy editor, Frank, is up to it.

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  3. The most horrifying aspect of this whole s**tshow: I can barely believe the stunning incompetence and thoughtlessness of this operation that means some kids may NEVER be reunited with their parents, because nobody bothered to keep track of them.

    You want to know how to create terrorists? If the government took my child away and I never saw my child again, I would become a ****ing terrorist.

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